The Yangtze River in Luqiao yesterday officially closed transformation

Yesterday, the provincial capital of the Yangtze River Road, the newspaper office to take full control of the construction of the bridge, the first day of closed construction, the West Sea Metropolis Daily reporter visited found that the traffic around the road a bit chaotic, more than the traffic police are on-site command.

the construction section closed in the morning, the reporter saw at the construction near the road, Qilian route west to east direction of traffic flow has increased than usual, some of the drivers of the Yangtze River Road and bridge construction the newspaper did not know, from time to time the vehicle to the cone headed middle setting, when the driver is closed the road ahead, and turn back. At the scene, there are two police officers on duty are passing vehicles passing.

closed during the construction of bypass bus

during the construction of bus line adjustment: the overall adjustment via the control sections of the 10 road, 19 Road, 21 Road, 80 Road, 84 Road, 104 Road, 6 bus lines.

10 road: to Tianjun bridge, Qilian Bridge Road, five road to the original line, 51.

19 Road: to learn;

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