Chase iron pollution to create blue sky clear water

emission standards, industrial and mining enterprises will be limiting the production line or production management; the construction and demolition site must realize 5 in 100% before the end of October; Qinghai Yihua Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. to speed up the pace of the sewage treatment station commissioning; sand washing enterprises can not be completed on schedule during the term construction waste water recycling, will be discontinued treatment shut down or banned…… As an important water resource conservation and ecological protection base in Xining Datong, again with an iron fist control air and water pollution, this is the reporter from the October 9th Datong County Air and water environmental pollution control will promote the work on access to information.

it is understood that, through the comprehensive management of a month, September air bridge area good days were 22 days, 8 days of light pollution, comprehensive management is paying off, but the county environment still has a lot of pressure. In order to reverse the degradation of air quality and water quality of Beichuan River rebound situation as soon as possible, in the comprehensive management of air pollution, Datong County requirements of the industrial and mining enterprises organized discharge must be a waste gas emission standards, not discharge shall take the limiting row, stop treatment and other measures; material field, residue field, coal yard must take the tarpaulin cover and the construction of Hunan and shed measures according to the requirements of raw materials; cement and fly ash processing and marketing enterprises must complete construction vehicles and factory cleaning facilities, roads must be completely out of the factory and hardening; accelerating key regional governance process.

in the comprehensive management of water pollution, Datong County will focus on the protection of the reservoir and the protection of the surrounding water conservation. At the same time, aiming at the problem of serious pollution of Beichuan River, Datong County requires every enterprise to industrial wastewater discharge standards, the requirements of Qinghai Yihua Chemical Industry Co Ltd to speed up the pace of the sewage treatment station commissioning; eliminate non sewage into the county sewage treatment plant. (author: Rong Lijun)

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