Efforts to build a net water blue city Xining

– Hao Peng research comprehensive renovation of Xining city environment – comprehensive measures to take measures to treat air pollution – solve the Huangshui River pollution problem fundamentally

newspaper news (special correspondent rauzan) on October 23rd, governor Hao Peng in Xining city environmental remediation investigation of air pollution control, Huangshui watershed management and other key areas of the airport expressway. He stressed that to work hard, overcome difficulties, to further strengthen the governance measures, and promote the continuous improvement of environmental quality in Xining area, the overall change from the face of the city, and strive to build a beautiful city Xining azure water net.

focus on the eastern region of Xining air pollution control work progress, how effective, Hao Peng is very concerned about. In the morning, Hao Peng and his party went to Xining’s air quality monitoring points, automobile exhaust detection point, key project construction site, gas boiler room and other places, to understand the situation, analyze the situation, find the problem and countermeasure research. On behalf of the national greenhouse gas station, Xining air quality environment automatic monitoring station, LCD display PM10 and PM2.5 concentration in real time decreased significantly than the first two months. Hao Peng pointed out that it is necessary to further improve the monitoring system, strengthen real-time monitoring, the implementation of dynamic analysis, the air quality problems do early detection, early settlement. Motor vehicle safety testing center in Dunyi and Zhou Jiaquan central heating project site, Hao Peng pointed out that the reduction of vehicle exhaust emissions, the implementation of central heating, are an important measure to control air pollution, Xining city to comprehensive measures, take measures to further strengthen the heavy machinery vehicle and vehicle engineering supervision, to the elimination of yellow cars; we should focus on the long-term, overall consideration, to speed up coal-fired boiler coal gas transformation progress, strengthen air pollution governance.

Xining City, the first sewage treatment plant was built in the first operation of the Huangshui River Basin of a sewage treatment plant. In the lifting of the transformation of the project site, Hao Peng stressed the need to be based on long-term, scientific planning, rational layout of the sewage treatment plant in Xining. To further increase investment, focus on the construction of sewage treatment, strengthen the operation and management of the sewage treatment plant to achieve full load and standardized operation, to ensure that pollution control facilities investment play its due effect, vigorously improve the city sewage treatment capacity, efforts to solve the Huangshui River pollution problem fundamentally.

Xining Beishan dangerous rock mass removal area has been completed. Land acquisition area of 1.2 square kilometers of the Xining Railway Station comprehensive renovation project site, "Eagle" shaped main building has been completed, the station square, bridge, tunnel, municipal resettlement area road network, underground business street and other projects are advancing. Hao Peng expressed satisfaction with the progress of the project, the city, especially the grassroots cadres in the project since the start of the hard work to give full recognition. He said to the presence of front-line cadres, you have made outstanding contributions to the construction of new Qinghai, history will not forget, Qinghai people will not forget! Hao Peng hope that the majority of front-line cadres should continue to carry forward the formation of good practice in practice, strengthen management, scientific organization, harmonious demolition, safe construction;

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