Tea enterprises how to choose the exhibition

China tea culture is a very broad and profound culture, at the same time, China is a tea country, at present the main problems faced in the domestic tea market which in fact is not enough is the marketing and publicity, so there are many places are actively carry out some tea exhibition.

originally to show the enterprise image, promote the tea tea enterprise investment and sales for the purpose of the exhibition industry in recent years such as coming out like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, but popular Tea Expo is just a few. In the face of all kinds of tea tea prices are fair, how see? The antecedents of the exhibition, what kind of exhibition is the tea enterprises to participate in the


"the show is too much!" Fuzhou is a well-known tea enterprise anonymity executives heard reporters immediately blurted out, now to finish in the exhibition. Today, the participants did not go, another   outside a show on the promotion of investment calls. The reporter interviewed a number of tea enterprises related personnel in Fujian area, summed up the main problems existing in current exhibition tea: tea industry relatively strong professional exhibition mainly   professional; Xiamen international tea exhibition, cross-strait Tea Expo, Anxi Tea Expo, the exhibition because of geopolitical factors in many aspects, and the government organization’s efforts is relatively large, the exhibition can exhibit strong professional color   color. While other exhibitions, including some foreign exhibitions, basically by exhibition companies operate.

There are many exhibitions in

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