Pig pig barbecue

investment project of small pig barbecue to barbecue franchise? What are the advantages of pig pork barbecue brand? Look at the following Xiaobian for you to introduce.

hunger breeds discontentment, China’s reform and opening up 30 years of catering industry turnover growth of more than 200 times, the choice of business catering industry is undoubtedly a timeless sunrise industry, food consumption has become an important force in promoting the growth of consumer demand in china.

1 small amount of investment:

join fees ranging from one to fifty thousand, you do not need too much start-up capital can start.

2 market prospects:

barbecue pot shop as a whole with the growing more and more, but still can not meet the broad market. The fish as the main barbecue grill is one less and less.

3 professional and technical strength:

we have a professional brand trademark and development team to help you understand the market trends, with a reliable brand logo.

4 dishes easy to learn:

we have a professional development team dishes, so you do not have to worry about food updates.

5 join a large team:

400 franchisees have proved our strength, more than and 400 stores have sprung up in the country, which will allow you to make more investment value, will make your life wonderful.

fish Hot pot series: spicy fish series, lotus series, Yin Jiazhen series taste crisp fish fish, fish, greedy slobber series champion fish series, garlic truffle series, homemade fish Ayu series, boiling fish series, health tower pot, fresh melon pot series, crystal series, Hot pot Yuanyang fish fish Mullidae Hot pot pig barbecue restaurant franchise fee

series: double fish pepper fish series, fish dish series, tin fish series,

series of spicy fish

barbecue series: large cylinder smokeless barbecue series, seafood barbecue, crystal barbecue

Sifangxiaochu series: crayfish, icy crystal fresh melon pot, health characteristics of soft shelled turtle, braised pork, fine cold dish

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