The food here is very simple business to join the Gyeonggi Do Museum

choose to join the project, in fact, the success of entrepreneurship is very simple. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the Gyeonggi Do Korean Pavilion, is very has the advantage of project selection!

Gyeonggi Do Korean food hall joined the money?

how to open the Korean Pavilion? Gyeonggi Do Korean Museum join process

1, understanding and identification of Gyeonggi Do Museum of Korean culture, Korean Pavilion convinced Gyeonggi Do brand, at the same time a survey of the local market, investment intention.

2, visit the Gyeonggi Do Museum of Korean headquarters taste, to visit, negotiate with the customer manager, after agreeing to sign the contract, pay the cost of joining.

3, how to open the Korean Pavilion? Received technical training in Gyeonggi Do Korean Museum headquarters, including the theory and practice of the operation, after passing the examination of graduation shop.

4, according to the operating items in the company to order all the raw materials and equipment, in the store decoration acceptance, through the logistics company timely delivery of a full set of items.

5, according to the design standard of decoration company unified store (the franchisee can also provide drawings to design department store size, store design) who started the construction decoration decoration company.

6, after the completion of the renovation, the transfer of the real picture of the store to the headquarters of the acceptance, in accordance with uniform standards can be shipped before the shop.

7, how to open the Korean Pavilion? For the success of documents, shop equipment needed for raw materials and other goods delivery and procurement, personnel recruitment are ready.

8, the official trial operation, the company decided to send the door according to the franchisee business needs to guide the opening of the business, to provide promotional programs to promote business, technical and staff guidance, etc..

9, officially opened.

standard shop process, has been persuaded to join the business for the basic needs of entrepreneurship. Join the Gyeonggi Do Korean Pavilion project, you are not very exciting? So, what are you hesitating about? Hurry up!

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