Shaoyang Fig let Yang Zhen home business success

with the gradual improvement of the Internet infrastructure in rural areas, agricultural development ushered in a new era of development with the network. This is a good time to return home to start a business, Shaoyang, a farmer on the fig + Internet round his entrepreneurial dream.

Shaodong County, Shaoyang city

peasant Yang Zhen planted a fig, in less than 1 years is a big success, caused by the county authorities concerned. Recently, the County Association for science and technology Yang Zhen fig base listed as one of the ten science base, given its policy and technical aspects of construction.

in order to drive the surrounding villagers to get rich, expand the planting area, and Yang Zhen for the establishment of "farmer cooperatives" Shaodong County wilderness fig, attracting more than 10 villagers joined. In late October, the county association responsible for personally led to Yang Zhen’s shrivelfig base research, on his home business, rely on science and technology to become rich behavior expressed appreciation.

Yang Zhen for the development of entrepreneurship in the field of precise grasp, see the unlimited potential of agricultural business and Internet business, helping in the government’s encouragement, will harvest more profitable than ever, suitable for promotion in rural areas.

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