Open coffee shop self mode VS join mode

The rapid development of

economy, changing lifestyle and eating habits of people’s consumption, the demand of modern people for coffee is more and more, but also because of this, many investors see the market prospects, want to open a coffee shop, but how to open, is to join or self brand, and other industry chain mode and each has advantages and disadvantages, still need concrete analysis.


coffee shop proprietary model

of like-minded friends

opened coffee hand workshop

Lin always wanted to invest in a sideline, because love coffee with friends, congenial interests, they choose to open a coffee shop. Because the shop is only about 150 thousand yuan investment, the cost can not join. So they started to study it. In fact, low cost is also an important reason for entrepreneurs to choose their own brands.

zero entrepreneurial experience Kobayashi, by reading, consult the industry’s friends, is the way he learned coffee shop operations. "Although not everyone is a coffee master, but a lot of people have coffee consumption habits and experience, their experience has helped me a lot."

is different from the general coffee shop, Kobayashi and friends opened this cafe named "BOX Space", simply can not see from the name of a coffee shop. "We found it very difficult to open a coffee shop alone, and we hope that the store will be more likely to make the space more interesting." Kobayashi said, finally they found hand and coffee very much and they take, including expectations on the store operation of the route — more hope to create a cup of coffee taste better by hands, the hands let the coffee more interest in life, so finally let the coffee and leather a film that is closed. In addition, there are original clothing, etc.. "The box is a container can hold a lot of things, we hope to give customers more coffee with different experience." Kobayashi said.

and for the same people who want to open a coffee shop, Kobayashi suggested that according to different business models to find out the different characteristics of the coffee shop, to choose their own model. There is also the courage to do what you want to do, the courage to take the first step in gold.

investment list

1. Area of about 80 square meters, including investment in decoration design, kitchen engineering, health, bar, tables and chairs and other costs, cost about 100 thousand yuan;

2. Investment in equipment: including the espresso machine, grinding machine, coffee cups, wine, tableware, such as refrigerators, a total of about 40 thousand yuan; "

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