Cai Shijie to the second-hand room disinfection easy to make money

speaking of disinfection, I believe many people are not unfamiliar, however, the traditional disinfection for only a specific product, perhaps a little space, but for second-hand housing disinfection, in the eyes of many people may feel unbelievable. But Cai Shijie has seized the opportunity to disinfect the second-hand housing, the monthly income actually reached the million.


2009 in July 23rd, was a nurse at the hospital Cai Shijie did not intend to see a newspaper in the newspaper, the public purchase of second-hand housing suffered disinfection trouble news. "I am a nurse, often disinfection, second-hand housing disinfection market so big, why don’t I try?" Thought of here, Cai Shijie entrepreneurial passion was aroused. A week later, she submitted her resignation.

Cai Shijie, a friend in Shanghai, a house for rent, and other tenants lived for four years after the removal, friends will be some old furniture moved to their homes. The tenant left an old sofa set, the friend has washed two times to put on his sofa, but when his wife sits, always does not have the intention to play above the dust". "Although you cleaned the sofa, but did not disinfect. Your wife is not afraid of dust, bacteria." Cai Shijie said to her friend. So, she received the company’s first sterilization business.

in fact, through the market to find the first real business is the Shanghai Pudong century garden set Sishiliangting two bath house. It is a pair of young people from abroad to come back, because they have developed a fixed lifestyle, before entering the house must be disinfected.

the couple found Cai Shijie through the network, Cai Shijie immediately to the house look and smell, look at each room size and decoration material quality and health situation, and then understand the previous occupants’ health and living habits. Finally, according to the requirements of the customer to come up with a satisfactory solution for disinfection.

today, Cai Shijie’s second-hand housing Disinfection Company, has a monthly net 10 thousand yuan.

industry review:

for second-hand housing disinfection as a fresh business, perhaps to bring more inspiration to the real estate brokerage industry.

serves as an intermediary platform for the secondary housing transactions, you can consider the penetration of the second-hand housing transactions in various parts of the pre-market after-sales service to provide additional support, expand business. The second-hand housing Disinfection Company can cooperate with the housing intermediary, the establishment of a stable publicity and business channels.

now the real estate industry is becoming more and more popular, the volume of second-hand housing transactions is getting higher and higher, along with people’s attention to disinfection, second-hand housing disinfection market will face large

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