Thinking of the future road of Shenzhen

Shenzhen has been considered a hit off the city, there are countless people with a dream to the city to make every year. However, the reality is that in the current entrepreneurial era, Shenzhen is still in a state of loss.


The taxi driver:

also from Hunan city of Zhuzhou province Youxian Huang Shimin does not agree: "Shenzhen rental of more than 10 thousand vehicles, more than 8 thousand drivers in Youxian Hunan Zhuzhou. This data is a few years ago, and now certainly not so much. The young no longer come, the old gradually dry."

: live in the past can not find the


not only the taxi hit off their memory of the past. Internet entrepreneurs, the same fascination with the glory of the past in Shenzhen. Although Beijing has ran out of the drops and beauty group, Shanghai killing out hungry public comment, but has always been in charge before the attention of the whole country of Shenzhen, did not seem to have found themselves fell into the middle of the team, has been quietly in the years, not a necessary common App from Shenzhen.

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