What are the hot pot shop location

eat Hot pot season has arrived, many businesses hope to take the opportunity to open a Hot pot shop, if you want to shop, is bound to face the problem, how to find the right place? According to the specific circumstances of the investment to analyze a little, I hope to help you, look at the past.

two skills: how to do the wrong position.

general only after opening will feel the location is not ideal, then it is really the wrong position this careful analysis, often affect the success of many factors, only to find the reason you can take corresponding measures.

three skills: selection and business positioning position Xixi related Hot pot shop.

four skills: the county and township shop.

five skills: small shop.

is a good shop in a mature residential large-scale selection. But to consider the size of the scale, the same kind of competition, the positioning of the pot and the price and gross profit and other factors. General talk shop should be small to the benefits and characteristics of heavy.

Six Skills: position and scale.

No matter what

store opened in the position, must consider the guest, must have very good business ideas, do not make money out of the brand is difficult.

seven skills: position in the food street.

if this street business is booming, so here is right, but you have to consider what the best Hot pot business, has its own characteristics, such as are the same, then you don’t recommend than in taste

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