Open the shop to earn money ethnic batik art

such opportunities for many people, even really have not heard, but as for what is "batik", I’m afraid not many people know. But such a national characteristics of the business, with the development of the times, will attract more consumers, so invest in a batik art shop, will create a hot prospect!

batik should actually be called "wax dyeing", it is painted with wax to tread point in linen, silk, cotton, wool and other natural fiber fabric, and then add the appropriate dip dyeing of indigo dye under low temperature condition, there is not the local color wax, wax removal is a due to the protection of the beautiful white wax, resist is mainly Huang La (i.e., beeswax) sometimes used with ash.

batik is the soul of "ice", this is a wax block for folding Benglie caused uneven penetration of dye caused by the cracking of natural wax dye pattern is a pattern with abstract color texture. The most attractive batik fabric, which is commonly used in Guizhou folk minority women.

batik as China’s ancient traditional folk handicraft dyeing process, history is very long. Batik art in southwestern ethnic areas from generation to generation, forming a unique national art style, is Chinese distinctive national art flower. With the development of modern high-tech applications in the batik, batik works are increasingly diverse, tablecloths, scarves, clothing, bag and so on, are excellent practical crafts, by Chinese and foreign people love. At present, as an national supplies, tourism and exports, more and more people have recognized, showing attractive prospects for development.

batik as a practical art for all ages, new varieties is more abundant, more practical function, such as some sheets such as goods. If conditions permit, you can increase the order for customers to design services. Such as the integration of all ethnic groups of decorative patterns, vividly reproduce the character style, landscape flowers and birds, the pattern is more lively and vivid, increased levels of color, enhance the artistic expressive force, improve the artistic charm and effect.

the batik works of art with rich ethnic customs and the local flavor is unique in China’s folk art flower.

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