How to prepare the Spring Festival

for the major retail stores, the Spring Festival is the time of selling goods, but also the last time a year to make money, therefore, only to do a good job stocking, will allow the store to achieve a large profit profit. And a month is the spring festival. The Spring Festival is the busiest season of the year, and it is also the busiest time for our retailers. How to prepare knowledge, I think we should start from two aspects:

do market analysis, selection of marketable brand. I shop in the countryside, the ability oriented consumer group limited, from the practical point of view, mainly in the middle and low in tobacco and stocking. At the same time, eliminate the stock, interrupted and missed sales opportunities in the sales situation, to increase sales. Last Spring Festival, I underestimated the purchasing power of customers, bulk food into too much, a lot of pressure.

when a customer asked me to the store have the gift box to her local specialty, home of the relatives and friends to try, I reluctantly shook his head, she went to the shop next door to buy "Hankou hot noodles" "Xiaogan sesame chips" and other items. This year, I try to prepare some of these specialties, and pay attention to the customer to do a recommendation, carefully prepared features, so that no one I have, I have gifted " to attract customers.

to improve the quality of goods, improve service quality. Adhere to the integrity of the business, do a good job in the quality of goods, the goods on the counterfeit goods brand firmly said". Although these goods of high profits, but not because of a petty profits and lose the trust of customers.

of course, when the Spring Festival although stores selling products of the time, but if the quality of the goods is not guaranteed, I will only make the store continues to lose customers, after the Spring Festival, wants to continue operating probably will be very difficult. Therefore, do a good job in the Spring Festival stocking, naturally there are more attention, as operators, only more cautious, it is possible to make the Spring Festival to do more successful operation.

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