The shop is good or else good

now choose to invest a lot of shops, then it is necessary to consider their own, to open a shop? Or choose an existing store, sell up good? So, the shop to sell up which is better? There is no absolute answer to this question, but relatively speaking, I am more optimistic about the count.

first from the investment. Although the Pandian has to pay the transfer fee, the money is not a small number at a glance. But the shop to buy decoration, shelves, and taking the silver, monitoring equipment and so on necessities, looking down and spending a lot of money. But from the beginning of the decoration shop stocking to the opening, this process is much less half a month. Else it avoids these problems, if not much problem, generally second days to sell up business. Time is money, the truth that all businesses know.


from the source. The shop is a process from scratch, you can temporarily take stock of the previous owner of the inheritance of many old customers. Some colleagues worry either the bad reputation will affect their future business, I think even the notorious shop, nor the lack of some loyal customers.

and if the last owner does not good reputation, we took over, can also through the opening, promotion means that customers know around store owners of the information, and through their own efforts to establish a good reputation among consumers, while maintaining the original owner of the old customers and develop new customers themselves the result will be better than the early shop customers a deserted house.

again from the risk. If we can get the store to sell up, the average daily turnover from the original owner of the data about, so removing the daily expenses of rent, utilities and so on, we can roughly calculate the profits (probably after taking over if the shopkeeper said the turnover of water, the time of calculation can also be appropriate to remove some), can also be aware of; the original owner and know more about the consumption level and consumption habits of customers around, so that you can avoid blindly purchase unnecessary losses to themselves. The shop to rely on their own absolutely ignorant of the information acquisition in practice, relative to the count at greater risk.


said through above analysis, many people may think of the existence of Pandian has more advantages. Of course, the Pandian location is very important, we must choose a mature business district is relatively good store location. If this is a new move into the area, was not what the old customers, the original owner provides information also can be used as the reference, also lost the meaning of count.

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