The nternet Era the easier the easier to start a business

to find a suitable for their own projects, the simpler the better, because the early stages of a variety of problems, one after another, the shop is too large, often counterproductive. A friend in a software company to do 10 years of software research and development, want to venture out, ask me what to pay attention to. I joked that if you want to be successful, must learn the Internet business of the canon, the first of which is "brandished a knife from the palace".

from leaving the company out of business, we must first "brandished a knife from the palace", killing the big company this practice, control the cost of spending less money, one or two issues of focus and resources to solve the core is enough.

1 focus: to solve the user an urgent need, solve the problem of a word can be said clearly.

2 Extreme: to do all similar products in the function extreme point, do your best to win.

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