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internal site at text link is very important for the second, because the spider crawling website in the inside pages will be through the chain so as to crawl to another page. What can I do in the chain? I recommend a page within the chain number control in less than 3, preferably not more than 3, because more than to let the spider think your web page link all have no meaning to give up crawling your site. The other word is the main text at the best site keywords, links do not necessarily have to chain to the home page, to be distributed to each page.

second: outside the chain of high quality

first: do not collect content

the "second" popular point is in the website updated with new content after love Shanghai or search engines such as Google fast included content in a short period of time such a concept, and now many owners are facing a problem, is in the publication after a long time search engine has not included, today the author for this question I do share a few seconds of the skill, I hope useful for everyone. Good! Nonsense not say, directly on the body.

fourth: create site map

site map for web content quickly included plays a vital role, but many novice webmaster ignore this. The fact that the site map is equivalent to the collection of all links to a web site, the specific time above generally clear the records of the website content update and some relevant information to the spider crawling in the map file can clear guidance on when you update the site and update today that >

third: the chain of high quality

many novice webmaster in site for the momentary convenience, write a lot of collection rules to collect data, but doing so in a way that your website become plump up, but behind the acquisition the harm is considerable. First, we all know that love Google or Shanghai have a common, is hate network repeatedly content, especially the love of Shanghai in recent years is to strengthen the crackdown on duplicate content. Update the website content is still not included, I think 80% and if you collect data about.

The rational allocation of the

chain, popular point is also the site of the external links, these links posted to improve website weight and attract spiders in different places can play a role in order to achieve the "second". In the aspect of the construction of the chain, some of our owners in order to save a lot of time by posting machines or automated software to do, as long as each day the chain can be massive promotion website weight, actually a lot of sharing experience in A5 friends have repeatedly mentioned, the chain weight in quality rather than quantity, and you a new station in order to reach the second day to do outside the chain of thousands of very easy to be a search engine for cheating judgment and direct K station, so I advise you to have again the long-term development site is the best manual release of some high quality of the chain, don’t amount too much, just fine.

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