Shanghai Longfeng guest Taobao to survival of the fittest in natural selection


we do Taobao customers, do product promotion projects, with little attention to knowledge and technology of the product, so we know what we do to promote the products have much relationship taobao贵族宝贝 single page website? Taobao guest website is often for the promotion of the terminal market, aimed at the terminal market knowledge can be very good for Taobao off site bring traffic and benefit more. For example, we know some promotional products to customers do not know and want to know the knowledge, then you will have their own purpose to do the promotion, but it is your website content rich, persuasive to more conversion, it is very handy.

as a guest of Taobao master, generally in the choice of products have a very detailed analysis of the product in the search engine and search by chance in the end how much, for example in Shanghai in search of love, we can see that the demand of the products and the relevant information, these are very important. Do Taobao customers all the products suitable for sale on the Internet, so we need to know this point. How to find a number of high-quality products, but also we are more concerned about the topic, I suggest in our life to spend more time to observe, you will find a more suitable product after all.

, we may also have similar examples, such as we see others do Taobao off site product revenue is also good, but also suitable for sale on the Internet, so also imitate others practice and the product of the project, the income is indeed very good, even without any income >


for a single page of Taobao is already off, there is no market demand, or not in the future of the Internet to survive? Do a lot of Taobao customers complained about the Taobao customer now is too difficult to do, plus love Shanghai is strictly sealed Taobao off site, bring more uncertain factors give us. There are many webmaster have given up a single page of Taobao, the transition of other complicated Taobao customers, it is not a single page of Taobao passenger market is unable to survive really

three, do market positioning


two, understand the product, do the basic

, choose the appropriate product of the project

the day before yesterday evening, I told a Taobao station long talked for a long time, until more in the morning. We talked about a lot of things, mainly Taobao customers, will exchange their views and suggestions, more refer to a single page of Taobao off some of the actual situation. Because I have had dozens of Taobao off site, so a single page of Taobao passenger for me is very important, at least I was the main source of income for a month, although the income is not much, but the monthly income of more than 5000 is no problem. But we do agree that the final single page Taobao guest website, you must better promote the products suitable for the online market, this is the most important, otherwise your web traffic no matter how much, also do not have much effect.

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