Soft Wen Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect multiplication strategy analysis

website optimization or marketing, soft Wen has played a very important role, especially the love Shanghai news source is so soft, because the love of Shanghai news source itself has a very high weight in Shanghai system, so the weight of the chain transfer has played a very key the role of. Not only because of love Shanghai news source click rate and exposure rate is relatively high, but in the brand promotion, plays a very important role in suppressing the negative, so that many enterprises especially some hot industry, we are more interested in love Shanghai news source construction.

third, be sure to carefully select the source of the news release platform love Shanghai. Many webmaster in order to increase the brand marketing attributes love Shanghai news source, let the news occupy Shanghai news source love home, so as far as possible from the multi platform release, but this way sometimes there will be news source text and release the correlation between platforms, such as a marketing software.

how can better create a good news source soft, soft lifting weight transfer effect and the marketing effect? I think the key needs from the following three aspects.

Whether it is

second, pay attention to the chain distribution of love Shanghai news sources and content correlation. From the chain distribution point of view, do not because of news source soft has a certain effect on the weight transfer, wanton increase the number of the chain of soft wen. Some webmaster to press the maximum residual value of soft, the soft of less than 500 words, there are more than 100 words is the chain of various kinds, such as the extended reading connection, the anchor text chain etc.. These too much the chain actually in the new love Shanghai algorithm can not play a very good weight transfer effect, because the new love Shanghai algorithm has correlation requirements for the chain to the content of the page, otherwise the chain will not only as the garbage outside the chain, and even may be considered cheating, as for the website is likely to be punished.

first, pay attention to the quality of the Shanghai news source soft love. This is the first step, is also a key step. If the quality of soft, such as through some pseudo original, or reproduced is scrambled and soft, the readability of the article itself is relatively poor, although able to release some news sources through the website and be love Shanghai, love Shanghai but in the new algorithm, this collection has become a terrorist things, because Shanghai has love intelligent algorithm can effectively identify the pseudo original or scrambled article, the news source soft light is removed, which will give a certain punishment to the corresponding website.

for website content, and the title and natural to the chain keywords itself has correlation, and this correlation must be close, a little bit of love Shanghai new algorithm has a strict requirements, if the chain is inserted and advertorial content that’s news source soft may bring is the optimization and marketing double negative effect, serious impact on marketing and website optimization.

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