Screening and analysis of how the quality of keywords

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, through this platform can visually see the source of key words, we can see through the vertical traffic sources for high traffic keywords, keyword sources, will be the focus of attention, the horizontal axis represents the user access keywords source depth, the greater the flow, access to the deep, suggesting that this type of the source of the value of keywords more important sources of keywords flux is small, the user access to the more shallow depth, the smaller the value of the source words.

first, we can analysis keywords depth through the Google UA collection to the source of keywords and keyword analysis tool, now love Shanghai can also be a lot of attention, we need to draw a simple analysis of the map, from the map, we can intuitively feel the user in the search of what and what the user needs. More important is what we can provide to the user, where our experience can not meet the needs of users, through a map can be fully displayed in the content.

second screening keyword way we need through its website analysis of adaptation.

, we will be the source of words, these words are divided into four levels of screening, for traffic, but the user access keywords depth is small, we will focus on the analysis of user behavior and page analysis of user experience, which is part of the problem, which is on our website, very important.


As shown in figure Keywords

for high-quality screening and analysis work, this paper mainly introduces the two main ways.

we need a self-test on the website, first of all we have to do is clear the size of the site, also is the site of the flow, how much is the final goal of our traffic, what is the maximum flow site can support, which is conducive to our understanding of the weights of the site later, so we can judge a year within two years what is the weight of our web site, can be reached, if not you estimate your site weight more than 2, then do not choose keywords high index as the main keywords of your site. If you plan to have their websites slightly larger, so, these words you can choose.

This article from the era of micro 贵族宝贝>

such as the word "Hotel" keyword index is above 3900, the word "WeChat" keyword index is more than 39000, while some local words, words such as "Shanghai WeChat platform" index is zero, which means that as long as we do optimization measures in general, such as the content of the article the update, add external links, chain exchange and so on can easily be the keyword row to love Shanghai home to (where one might question, because there are some non index word is very difficult to do this, only for the universal phenomenon, not including the word brush etc.).

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