Lu Guofu Wuhan Shanghai dragon blog exchange Links standard

five content not updated for a long time

We built the

at PR, just look at the love Shanghai


if your website content is belong to the kind of loopholes word, unhealthy content, please bypass.

two included normal, original content are

this blog is to recognize outstanding Shanghai dragon friends, if only your resource site you do Links, please bypass.


if you meet the above eight points, and you are willing to exchange and Wuhan Shanghai dragon blog Links, please Q me, my QQ is 1062306617, hope that through this platform can realize more excellent webmaster friends.

provided by the Wuhan Shanghai dragon for reprint please keep the link address http:>

six web content is not no health

also said that if there is PW site link to your site in a friendship, or other health site links, or the number of Links has more than 40, please bypass.


also indicate the point, and this blog Links is home page links, if you are within the page links, please bypass. If your site is down right, this blog can be removed Guizhan links, such as recovery to continue to Links, I also like.

non independent site this blog is not done, please bypass.

eight Links quality

Links, focusing on the "friendship" of the word, if you a month will not return, please bypass.

recently in Wuhan Shanghai dragon blog ranking has been effective, itself is a PR3 old domain name, so the weight of the blog is good, now love Shanghai snapshot is updated every day, so these days I have blogger Q let me do Links, we all know that friendship is one of the chain link the best way is through Links can increase the amount of user access, can also increase the weight of the website. I built the Wuhan Shanghai dragon blog first is to recognize more like-minded friends through the second Shanghai dragon, communicate with others, to improve their level of optimization. Here, Wuhan has also developed a few Shanghai Longfeng exchange Links standard:

three resource site, please bypass

we are having sex in Shanghai, so I don’t see PR, to love Shanghai within three days (this is the minimum standard).

included normal, included the number more than 50, most of the content is original content, collect a lot of sites please bypass.

four is the independent site

blog is to communicate better with everyone, if your blog is not updated for a long time, please bypass.

As long as the website

long time no person does not return

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