How to update the article to attract a lot of traffic

recently wrote the original article less, because I found that I wrote while the index, but the page from the web site to flow is zero. Does this mean that I insist on using pages long tail words do flow strategies need to be adjusted? Write original articles every day, there are still included but no flow, whether there is no need to update every day? So how to bring traffic to the site of

traffic?In the premise of ? ?

second, more scarce and long tail keyword search. The reason why we included articles were not ranked a very important reason is that the search results content is too rich, too much competition. We can find that some search long tail keywords, the search results. If the search results only about ten thousand, almost as long as the site is included and will have a better ranking. Do it twice. Because of the love of Shanghai search results content scarcity, alternative ranking is small, so often can get good rankings and get traffic.

. I think we all know, as has already been said that bad things, but that is because of its more important. The quality from the paper, the title is set, the content of gold, the content of element abundance, article publishing and writing pen aspects. The quality of the user’s mouse is not going to vote, if you are in order to complete the daily tasks more to update the site, just cobbled together an article, there is no quality at all, you can expect love in Shanghai will be included? Even if the user access will also see on the horse off the page, leave you web site. A good classic high quality articles tend to occupy the first few relevant keywords.

pages to get traffic is in the title of the page keyword ranking, ranking the premise is sure to be loved by Shanghai. How to make the page keyword rankings? I think we can start from four aspects:

, how to get traffic from search engines in

third, links from other web sites to vote. Although many people say that now that the chain has not work, but I still feel web pages link to vote is valid. I love Shanghai calculate the weight of the inside pages will certainly the number of times it is referenced, if a page is referenced by the tens of millions of external sites, do not confirm this page is very important? Just since the emergence of the chain algorithm, not all websites are voting. But those high quality page vote will not work? Love Shanghai in the calculation of link vote will do to screen the voting page, low quality or low weight website > page

First, increase the quality of

we know that the main source of web traffic includes three aspects: search engines, direct access and external links. The inside flow, search engines and external links occupy almost all traffic. External links aside, how to get the inside pages from search engines to


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