Love Shanghai algorithm changes to Title higher weight webmaster how to grasp

love Shanghai algorithm change is mainly aimed at those weight is not very high for the website, the change of the algorithm, webmaster should be able to feel some, but there is no webmaster know the algorithm is advantageous to change Shanghai Longfeng what factors, what method is not what effect? I believe that many webmaster or unsuspectingly method and. Shanghai dragon or steps with the past, but from this algorithm as like as two peas, I always feel love for Shanghai to change the server stability degree of punishment declined, given the weight of the site title higher. Because I have a website on an unstable server site, every two or three days cannot be accessed, even for a period of time is not open, through one or two months of turning found that punishment is just the website provided snapshots and keywords ranking, by stabilizing the found keyword ranking is better than before for the website; Title for keywords ranking performance is more prominent, as long as the website keywords title appears to have no ranking, no ranking, through several websites for friends observed, also have the similar effect, find love Shanghai algorithm change, given the weight of the site title the higher the value, so we should make good use of the gold zone in Shanghai Longfeng process, general algorithm after changing the wording of Title website should note Attention to the following points:

love Shanghai algorithm recently change frequently, this is the webmaster friends feel, because we can from the website by K and keywords ranking fluctuations, judgment of the two factors, since the impression of feeling from the beginning of the 628 big update, seems to have not stopped updating, with sea algorithm change may give many webmaster moment joy, long sad, because there are a lot of cheating sites short time can be routed to the good rankings, but a short time and then disappear, love Shanghai algorithm of frequent change might be that special punish those who cheat website.

website weight is low, the webmaster should not to look at the daily search volume of the word, because the word is not alone, but the owners in the thousands on thousands of competition, you choose these popular words on their website title, what is almost no effect, ranking is 100; I think the new weight > low

talk about some recent love Shanghai algorithm change feeling, in general a web site keywords ranking should be relatively stable, but found from the observation site, keywords day seems to have several ranking results, perhaps the morning ranked nineteenth, ranking the afternoon back to 15, the evening may also decline, general feel the love for a Shanghai site or in the observation period, and for the high weight of the old site is not what algorithm changes should be aware of, because of a high weight website, want to be loved in Shanghai right down is not an easy thing, even with the black hat means, is not an easy job to do. Show.

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mining is a new sites, do not too much traffic and competitive

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