How to quickly improve the layout of website keyword keyword ranking

first the most basic is the title of the website < Title > keywords > < key words; key description should contain the keyword

in addition, the layout is especially important in the whole website, for small businesses, can not do every day of each column, each page of content can be updated; it is recommended in the layout, to column page list page, such as "the latest information of the ceramics", "ceramic information recommendation,

search "ceramic information" the keyword in the search engines love Shanghai, related results about 5420000; in September Shanghai love algorithm update, the web site for this keyword ranking rapidly; I am here to share this two months of experience, if what is said is not good, please forgive me.

second, don’t ignore the layout of


looked at many sites, including some peer Shanghai Longfeng blog, I find that too many people do not know how to arrange the keyword, including keyword density distribution. Here is my China ceramic website how to layout the keyword, to Shanghai ranked highest in love.

second station keyword anchor text link is induced by

! The method links the commonly used

many sites are directly section "the latest information", "recommendation" and so on, is a good place to add the keyword layout details, "new information", "ceramic ceramic information recommendation" this also gives a very natural transition effect, can also help web site keywords ranking.



this layout, not only effective layout keywords, quickly improve website keywords; and have the advantage that every day just update an article, can achieve the site each page is dynamic, the search engine spiders crawling back 304,

to stand outside that blog, forum, classified information network, quiz platform. In >


first, station layout is based on the



navigation effective keyword

many sites have neglected this point, directly fill in the home, and no optimization on its details, in fact, this is a very efficient keyword layout details, not only to increase the website keyword density, but also directly tell visitors, the main contents of this web site; how to layout key details and so on are:



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