Keywords change position, let the stalled keyword ranking move

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whether new or old station, keywords ranking is stagnant, there will always be one of the reasons for it, not because there is no Shanghai dragon Er see the rankings will easily give up this site or keywords, should learn to be good at thinking, good at optimizing different test results, I believe will persevere.

if you have a web site keywords down, might as well try this method, that will give you surprises Oh ~ ~ above by the Xuzhou billion network company (贵族宝贝xzyw贵族宝贝) original, reproduced please specify.



heard senpai change the title keywords order will not cause the site to drop right, so they changed the title keywords order, namely "explosion-proof camera, mine camera – Xuzhou mine ruentex Mining Technology Co. Ltd.", have to say, it is very fast, in second days, love Shanghai search engine to respond the ranking, from the original eighth page to jump directly to the page fourth.

is the next qualifying today


believes that Shanghai dragon ER in key words, keywords ranking will encounter no movement continuity, no matter how you optimize, write articles, send the chain, exchange chain and so on, a keyword ranking is no movement, or the fluctuation of 2-3, very small fluctuation! This is why

website keywords stagnant reason with keywords the competitiveness of some industries in the country there are thousands of tens of thousands of business website. So how to make words faster change, Xuzhou ewang recommends that you may wish to change the position of the keyword in the title.


in the next few days, the ranking of words has been soaring, climbed to twenty-first, probably spent a week to two weeks, ranking jump directly to the home page, is now to the fourth page ~ next above, look at the two keywords in last week’s performance. ~~< /p>

can be seen from the figure, the web site is to do the two key words: Mine camera and explosion-proof camera. Optimization of early in the site, we will define the web site for the title "mine camera, explosion-proof camera – Xuzhou mine ruentex Mining Technology Co. Ltd.", the website started in September 22nd in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, probably about half the time, mine camera " " " row in the home page, explosion-proof camera " the eighth page, in the next two weeks, we still have the increase of frequency and the website promotion outside the station, the change in rank is very small, has been maintained at seventh to eighth.

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