Dong Jingyi Shanghai dragon is important but in the China Shanghai dragon can’t become a kind of occ

of course, I said that some people may argue, what is against the low quality site, pseudo original, garbage station and so on, and here I do not want to talk too much, please see before I write "Dong Jingyi: love Shanghai this large K station aims to fight the Shanghai dragon company".

believe a lot of friends in Shanghai Longfeng, have recently experienced a love blow to Shanghai, including my website, was also killed and I love Shanghai, through a variety of methods to test, finally draw a conclusion, that is the recent love blow to Shanghai, there is a lot of artificial participation, in order to maintain orientation Shanghai love business interests blow, the most fundamental purpose is to fight the Shanghai dragon company or Shanghai dragon industry, for enterprise customers that Shanghai dragon is not reliable, and love to buy Shanghai bidding products.

will now Shanghai dragon as an occupation or a business person, is based on the application of search engine will be based on the enduring assumption, however, this assumption is also unreliable. Although the search engine in the foreseeable period of time also will not die, but the search engine in the marketing activities of enterprises in the proportion may be gradually weakened, before the company of search engine marketing has a most important spot is small investment everyone can afford, but now both the SEM and the Shanghai dragon. In fact, this investment is not small, because the SEM auction, the price is too high, the price is higher than the keyword keyword to bring value to the Shanghai dragon because love Shanghai malicious attacks resulting in failure rate is too high, which pulled the search engine marketing cost.

is because the enterprise have more choices, and settle for a search engine, but now is not the same, the enterprise is facing a new environment of the Internet, the Internet now, emphasize interaction, rather than just show. Do not know if you have noticed a phenomenon, now people use every day micro-blog either frequency or long time online, more than people use search engines, from a marketing perspective, where people, marketing should happen anywhere, apparently to micro-blog and word-of-mouth bee represented with interactive marketing the platform will be more and more importance in enterprises.

again, and the algorithm of search engine ranking is not fixed. "

Shanghai Longfeng access threshold is very low, indeed many people rely on the Shanghai dragon made a little money, but I think the Shanghai dragon as a skill, is the lowest standard configuration of each Internet practitioners, like typing, a long time ago, few people will be typing, typing so people can earn money. But in a few years, everyone is typing, typing has become one of the most basic skills, so that people who eat by typing out this job. In fact, now the Shanghai dragon with the original typing as soon spread, because the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon is not much, not too high, everyone can grasp the.

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