High weight website Shanghai dragon four the long tail keywords research direction


When of long tail keywordsStudy on individual

long tail keywords that there are three main aspects to study: one is for the study of people, products and services of the enterprise including itself, and the research on customer search habits; the second aspect is to study key value, including the search volume keywords do an analysis and can be transformed into the value; third is to study keywords develop skills, which include a variety of research tools and methods of small. The following specific give you a detailed explanation of the.


keywords for a point in the most critical of keyword research, had a lot of contact in the forefront of the network, they are not Shanghai dragon, but he.

first contact us Shanghai Longfeng, will consider the site keywords are generally starting from their own, such as our Beijing stone advertising design is a professional design company, we can provide the service of LOGO design, VI design, pictorial design, it is mainly based on the Beijing market, so the key words the choice of "Beijing LOGO" design "Beijing VI" design "Beijing pictorial design" such as, of course, this is also the main keywords no ground for blame, the first choice, but sometimes we do not necessarily choose customers looking for these words, such as the strength of a company, they need to find advertising design company professional design for his VI, then he will search may be the "Beijing VI" VI design company design company "which is better" like this off Key words.

Study on

1, for the requirements of

2, the value of keywordsIn fact, the research value is

so for the request to consider two points: first, analysis of their products and services deeply, which can do their own services, where we are, from these aspects we can expand some keywords, then they will search keywords in the analysis which used in the customer’s point of view, and in accordance with their the requirement to construct content, providing most of their knowledge to the customer.

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. For the high weight of the site, in front of me to give you is introduced from three aspects that need to do to improve on: to improve the quality of website content, good internal structure adjustment, do website chain layout, but these three aspects are feeling a bit is not enough, because the three is not important, but the three are all need to insist for a long time, not to be able to quickly bring us Websites Ranking, bring traffic to do in front of the three aspects of the work in a short period of time can take so long time it may not stand, then we should pay attention to find other ways to improve the ranking or how to increase website traffic. This is also done? Today I want to introduce a: do research of long tail keywords.

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