The high and low weight website not only in the keyword ranking

is a website weight in the end how, in your own words is difficult to describe it, is not a good indicator of how to determine the weight of a web site in the end, like Sina, Tencent, NetEase and other large portals, everyone knows that they have very large weights, but it is not to use a good index to illustrate; although there are now some query site weights of the tool, but the real show cannot really explain what. Then we should be how to judge a website or

said many webmaster domain and a website is not great, domain is not the first is very normal, but for a search engine punished site, domain will not appear in the first position; and for many low weight website, using domain search is more clear. Want to make a website ranked in the first place, is not a simple new station can go.

, a site location name appears in the search engine


is a website weight level, from the collection of speed can be reflected. The high weight of the site now can reach the second state, as we often contributes A5 and Chinaz of these sites is particularly evident, when we published, you can instantly be loved in Shanghai included, although many webmaster said these articles are original, of course will make search engines like, but for the very station pseudo original copy of the article, even can quickly be included, most notably in the laggards forum posting, 1 seconds is included (send to search engine included). For the low weight station, want to achieve this state is certainly not possible, or even your entire site are original, included or very poor, sometimes you may not lead the spider, and included the soon to be removed as search engines, the most obvious is their message website though every article are all self >

two, domain website is ranked first in the

high weight website, just enter your own website name can be found in the first, unless your site name is not the one and only, think a lot of friends in the website name for XXX logistics network, such as city and the content of the website for the name of the website, must be very much, unless your website weight is very high, unless the first possibility is not great. The one and only for a web site name, when you are in love Shanghai search, does not appear in the first place, even in the 100 row, your website weight is very low, but also need to continue efforts; but did not eliminate competition fierce, although some of the name of the site is only two, like 28 SMS net, but the search results as high as about 4000000, so want to do the first name of the website also needs to spend a lot of energy, but generally not the one and only the name of the website in the first place, can you explain the website weight is very low.

three, website articles included speed

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