Some explanation about the 301 redirect

301 the weight transfer takes time, not to say immediately after doing 301, weight immediately transferred to the new domain name, even if is the same between the domain name, also can immediately transfer the weight, the most common is the 301 station to jump, no www domain name 301 directed to WWW domain name but, in the first one or two months, go to the site website with the domain name, will still be found without the 3W page appears in the first position, and with the WWW page appears in the second position, the weight has not been completely transferred to the 3W page. I like bread net (www.mianbaoju贵族宝贝) of this website, 301 redirect done more than a month, still no weight transfer.

in some cases, the weight is not transferred, some people always put 301 whimsical, look very simple, that is able to transfer the weight of the past in any case. There is a webmaster to choose what to do, he had to do a very good website ranking, website do A products, because he wanted to do B, then re registered a new domain name, then the A domain name is redirected to the B website, thinking is the weight transfer over, but found the weight of B site does not improve, there is no ranking. Because the B and A websites are quite different in the two sites, title is completely different, this is equivalent to two different sites, so redirection is useless. If the B Title website and A website, such redirection is meaningful, if two completely different types of websites, no redirection.

301 redirect refers to the domain name from a jump to another domain, can be the same between the domain name, can also be different between the domain name, because we do not know of many cases 301, so more in-depth explanation. We can also refer to these two articles: why do you want to do and how to do the site 301 site 301, further understanding.

don’t put down the right site for the 301 set, when a site is down right, but reluctant to be right down the site, after all, is their own business together, so he thought of a way, put down the right domain by using the 301 jump to the new domain name, this method to the starting point is good, but never think of is a new domain name is right to be reduced. Remember, when the domain name is right down, then you take the domain name redirection to other domains, but also harm not only It doesn’t help the situation., new website.

Through the above 301

for interpretation, whether you further understand what is going on in 301.

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