The deadly details in the process of optimizing the website of Shanghai Dragon

3.url change.

I think this

1. server.

often contact Shanghai dragon friends will know that robots.txt is the search engines, website index rule file. Most spiders when visiting the web site first read the robots.txt file, and crawl and index of the site in accordance with the document rules. If you are not careful the rules in the robots.txt file for all wrong, banned spider directory sites (or prohibit a hope to grab the directory, then the result is self-evident).

In addition to >

server or the space is stable for any website is crucial, but often some people are such details "". The website is not as long as it can access the website needs time Everything will be fine., ensure the normal access. Some friends because of funding problems choose to hire foreign space, or not too stable but low price space server. But to do so on the website of Shanghai dragon optimization is very deadly.

sites do some key to grasp the Shanghai dragon in the optimization process, such as to update the contents of the construction of the chain, etc.. But there are some small details of the optimization process can never be ignored, although these small details can not be directly to the site to bring good rankings, or how much traffic, but often these details on the website of Shanghai dragon is the fatal.

whether the search engine spiders or visitors to your site, the result is not normally open, will inevitably leave a bad impression on the website. For a long time, or for many times to visit, it may lead to the loss of visitors and search engine punishment.



many sites will experience a revision of the situation, change the code, change the layout, there are large quantities of change URL. When a large number of sites of the URL page changes, please remember the original URL redirect to the new url. Otherwise, not only has the disadvantages of search engine, but also reduce the trust degree of the users of the site site.

there is a replacement of the URL: the website is the transformation of a large number of URL, when ready to do a 301 redirect found before URL does not have the rule, need to write a redirect code. This is because the site before the internal structure of the disorder caused by, so that the internal structure of the site is also very important to clear.

We all know that


The stability of

is temporarily 3 small details, may accidentally to the site of the Shanghai dragon optimization and normal operation caused very big trouble. Also I hope that friends will point out the inadequacies, the author failed to consider the details to be complete.

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