Why are you so slow website

solutions: the so-called "to the rich, first road" to love the first time Shanghai search engine grab included web pages, so webmaster want to do as much as possible for the love of Shanghai search engine to provide more and better road. When all roads lead to Rome, love Shanghai spiders crawl >

The stability of

3 space, often not open or open too slow

solutions: webmaster should do fine content, time to provide valuable pages for users. For example, information pages of instructions, pictures, text, page window will not affect the user browsing.

solutions: continuously updated website content, insist on the chain, without excessive worry page not included or included slow.

2, the quality of website content is very low

chain is to access the site in Shanghai road love spiders, if there are no roads or even to a local path is less, the natural frequency of less love spiders in Shanghai visit the website, then how to ensure that the page first time by Shanghai love it.

measures: changing the stable safe space, long story short, the hardware conditions must be good.

love Shanghai included slow, love Shanghai not included as follows:

what is the quality of website content is low? In Shenzhen website optimization YUNZHUO Power Technology Engineer Shanghai Longfeng summary love Shanghai official explanation that the quality of low degree of the page is not bring value to the user page (no page value = content + has no completely blank title content + content + content of short hole expired can not solve the problem effect of user browsing + + content…… ), even will bring difficulties to love Shanghai spiders crawl the page access. This low quality page cannot be search engine love, therefore this kind of page is not included is normal.

for new sites included the page attitude, love Shanghai and Google performance is completely different. Do website optimization webmaster may know, love Shanghai included a very slow, after submitting the search engine entrance, may be included in 1-2 weeks, and only home page, inside pages to be included may need longer time. While Google is different, Google included page faster than the search engines love Shanghai more quickly. However, generally speaking, new sites is not too attractive to love Shanghai, included normal was slow.

site is new low weight

space is website optimization, website promotion of hardware conditions, if the underlying hardware did not pass, website optimization and promotion of the natural effect will be greatly reduced, for the website optimization even is a fatal blow. Imagine the love of spiders in Shanghai long time cannot access space, unable to crawl the site content information, the page is included. There is not natural. This point is an important reason for web page included slow or not included.


4, Shanghai is no loveless spider guide chain


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