The optimization problems of enterprise website promotion

in Shanghai dragon in this industry, most enterprises station is Shanghai dragon service site, Shanghai Longfeng personnel more and more enterprises to hire a professional to maintain their own websites. When the daily continuous improvement process in the website, ranking does not always increase or decrease the number, the existence of such problems is that we neglected the website optimization promotion need to pay attention to the problem.




when browsing through the search engine to search our website page, see is the name of a company, rather than what he needs, he is not to click on the. Methods: to improve communication and programmers, to their respective names.

is more than four.


third, no robots.txt file, robots.txt file is a website of dialogue and the search engine, the site itself a lot of things without the need to make the search engine grab, when spiders continue to grab these useless content, is a waste of time and flow of the spider, this result is caused by the website main page can not be included, the final effect the site overall weight increase. Solution: the establishment of a search engine and call the robos.txt file, as follows:

fourth site navigation station useless, most enterprises are the navigation enterprise introduction, the company honor, contact information, company news, the user through the search engine to the site will be search through what enterprise introduction, enterprise honor came to the site? They are interested in the company’s product or service, but we the navigation bar does provide some useless things, users can clearly see what is useful, this approach leads to the site jump out rate is very high, the following provides a good case and a bad case, good case:

first, the web page title. All of the pages of the title is the name of the company, imagine, if all pages of a website is a title, as follows:


bad case:

solution: the user needs analysis, a suitable site navigation.

second, not the 404 page. The site in the process of operation, will continue to delete some of the things, if these things be included in search engines, when the page is deleted, the search engine will think we both of these pages are not open, there is a dead link, which is fatal for a website, a website, you the pages are not open, can imagine how the search engines give a good ranking. The solution, 404 pages, as follows:

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