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after a long time tracking was down the right site and draws the conclusion: each relatively formal website has restored the possibility of ranking, but excessive collection and garbage stations website chances. The following two sites are the counterparts, the first site is down right in January of this year, another April is down right. I believe that these two sites are because of "keyword stuffing" by the Shanghai love punishment, site is also the first home page, all the keywords ranking are hundreds of meters away.

can be seen from the figure above, the first part of the website keywords have ranking, ranking is until today, one in October has been restored weight. Obviously, the two site title, keyword and description are not to make any changes, "the term" after the full recovery of weight. In the end, the answer is clear, the site is down right even if there is no "tonggaiqianfei", after a period of time, there is still the possibility of ranking recovery.

said the site is love Shanghai right down, I believe that most webmaster heart experience. For many novice love Shanghai right down at a loss, styled, often used a large number of remedial measures issued outside the chain of the so-called, not only the rapid recovery of ranking, is likely to make the "sentence" extension. In fact, love Shanghai has perfect punishment mechanism, the website is full, "" love Shanghai will review website and released in qualifying. Of course, do not rule out the part of the site is "service" and "good performance during commutation".



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