Five trick of the chain

fourth strokes, making external

general station Links should not exceed 20, because other external links will not station is very powerful, not enough to ignore the negative effect brought by the friendship. The mayoral candidate selected Links like competition, the other chain is public. If you don’t get a lot of support from the public, even if your candidate vote, also can not get the trust of the search engine, and sometimes even have a negative impact. So the small owners have to be careful, don’t Links as cheating.


high quality link is the other high weight links to your page (best single). Love is the best of the Shanghai encyclopedia and free access to high quality links, of course it is not easy to stay in the Wikipedia link. The following share Baidu encyclopedia chain trick I, two cases (Wikipedia account is below level three and level four or above). More than four of the account is the authority, as long as you create the correct entry, in which with links to Wikipedia editor will not love Shanghai to see whether there is a suspicion of advertising, unless someone reported. The following three can go on the Internet to find a good article posted to their website, and then take the content inside the sex Shanghai encyclopedia, this reference is perfectly matched, as long as your site without advertising on the success of the suspect.

in > Zac

is a source of communication within the industry leader". A good article in the dissemination of the source web site there are a lot of "little brother" support, naturally inside what you write is widely accepted and absorbed. A good link one definition is to bring traffic to the site, if you are in the A5 webmaster wrote a good post, resonate with everyone, nature inside the link to get more attention.

Hello, I’m Zac! Shanghai dragon industry have a saying is "content is king, the chain for the emperor". I believe we all know the importance of external links, here is not to say, let us go directly to the topic, five trick about external links, may be very helpful to you,

second strokes, to get high quality links

is the first move, looking for the spread of the source

third, cherish Links

what is the spread of the source, popular to say that many people’s website. For example, you are the webmaster, want to promote their website or the like learn what point, where would you go? I think you will go to A5 and ChinaZ these well-known sites, because they are in the spread of the source station changye. There are many like-minded people together to discuss learning together. But only love the same person will accept your things (if your website is not known), so you are the master, but to promote their skin care forum is ridiculous. Never talk to people who don’t play video games to discuss a game many exciting, because they do not understand, some people may even dislike, thus they think you in the "negative" effect of advertising.

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