How long can the site keywords on the front page


through the website positioning analysis, and evaluation of your keywords ranking time by geographical, time, audience etc.. To achieve high precision, strong penetration and wide coverage.

the first drop-down box can be judged from the popularity of the word, add drop-down box full of words is not popular words, second top 20 home number, do not know whether a friend can understand, a number of the top 20 home page, we make an example, such as the Shanghai dragon search, search Shanghai Dragon first is love Shanghai Wikipedia, the second is ch>

first if our own site is not about the assessment of what time can go up, then we will not be able to make a correct judgment, how to conduct propaganda to attract your potential customers. We can not blindly do not stop to optimize the propaganda and the so-called, have a lot of friends website operation for 1 years, 2 years, 3 years without income appreciation. I do not know whether it is operating over the portal sites, the portal site is very difficult to operate, not to say that you want to do will do, if you want to pass the ranking to do the portal, then the probability is very low. Do a lot of doors are not by ranking. So personally, if you are unable to correctly assess what time your web site keywords can up, so meaningless do half a year, do you feel a waste of time and energy? The word is expected to be 3 months, through the normal optimization of 3 months can go up and can you do 6 months still did not go up, it is not the existence of some problems? Are you or your technology to optimize the way wrong? This is everyone’s judgment standard. When you are expected for a word, and when he arrived at this time, you do not see the rankings, or more than the time you did not see ranking, and that this situation is wrong your way. So this is why we expected to predict the key words, this is the key result.

according to our long-term observation, the words can be divided into four categories: popular words, common words, hot words, super popular words, so different classification, different words, his time is not the same. Popular words are common words is 1~2 months, 2~3 months, popular word is more than 3 months, the popular word is more than half a year. Now there will be a lot of friends want to know their words which belong to the type, which belongs to the common words or super popular words. Today we speak of to you, how to judge our lexical category, and given the optimal time.

First we

the construction site on-line operation, how can we predict what time the keyword can be on the front page, we think, why do we need to predict, how long can the engine on the home page, the aim is to

believes this is the topic we most want to know and have been concerned for a long time the topic, rattan design for optimization and operation of the professional website design studio, we have our own experience to share with everyone.

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