An analysis of how to analysis server log

!For example: – [29/Jun/2011:00:30:29 +0800] "GET/ shichang/ HTTP/1.1" Shanghai dragon 2007926 "-" Mozilla/5.0 "(compatible; bot/2.1 +贵族宝贝 noble noble baby; baby贵族宝贝/bot.html

Third information

logging is the most useful information in the log, it tells us what the server receives a request, for example for visitors to request access to "Shanghai dragon shichang/" page.

server log

is the first remote host address information.

virtual machine will have server logs, mostly in the logs folder, if your space is not, then please contact your service provider space, he will bring you out of the.

log record is the status code, if the display 200 indicates that the request is successful, if the display is 300.

Examples: We open the

server log analysis, through the analysis of the log, we can know the search engine crawling records, this is helpful for us to search engine used to exchange. So, today we will be Shanghai dragon tutorial network as an example, tell you how to analyze the web log:

server log in a text, then we will see a lot of records, I am here, as we explain how to understand the "astronomical"

)" Fourth information

2, to see their

in the example above, METHOD is GET, the other often possible METHOD and POST and HEAD, in addition there are many possible legal METHOD, but this is mainly three kinds of.

is not big enough for the log, we can see the general text editor, because the log is so big, but for some large web sites, search engines crawl the site frequently, the log is great, we have to use the software to check back and say.

1, we find the

server log?We use the Have a more important role for a website

log second is the time of the request. This log record indicates that the request time is June 29, 2011 00:30:29. The last time the information "+0800" means the server time zone in UTC after 8 hours.

PROTOCOL is usually HTTP, followed by the version number.


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