An analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of soso Q & a platform outside the chain


2: can be stable to attract traffic. Because the Search ask can leave a page in the link, so the relative and love Shanghai know more likely to attract hits. I just soso after posting a few links from the background data found from search inquiry platform flow. And there is a steady growth trend. As shown in the figure below (because of the site in the recent revision period, the inside pages are temporarily open, solid from search Q & a platform into the flow decreased).

of the chain searchIn addition to


as the chain construction is to attract traffic, more important is to transfer the weight. But search Q & a platform and can not transfer the weight. We can see through the specific page source code. As shown in the code, we can find that our left link is a hyperlink. The link I think most of the webmaster should know and can not transfer the weight. So even if you search this page in the Q & a platform to do more links can not increase the weight, improve ranking.

search chain

1: relative love Shanghai know, Search ask the link easier. I have been in love at sea tests, in Shanghai love know if you want to stay outside the chain, leaving only the general page of links, and can not simply stay connected, through some methods to bypass the detection, such as abcd. 贵族宝贝XXX贵族宝贝. Abcd. But soso q is relatively simple, generally can be directly through the part can not only in this form is similar to love Shanghai can pass, and search for another advantage is that can be released within the page link, and love Shanghai know that the chain page is generally not to leave the. As shown below.

Search ask the chain:

high quality of the chain for site compared every webmaster has deep experience. For the high quality of the chain for webmasters always diligently. The general will take some of the weight of high rank, good stability, high site outside chain called high quality chain. The Q & a platform is a high quality of the chain of origin. The quiz platform mainly have the love Shanghai love Shanghai know Tencent soso Q & a platform there is Tianya quiz. With the love of Shanghai know the chain inspection more stringent, now a lot of the chain are difficult to release. Owners have had to choose second eyes search Q & a platform. As a Tencent, has just launched the 07 is condemning, say cloning love Shanghai quiz, no innovation. In nearly five years. The Shanghai dragon’s point of view, compared with other search Q & a platform what are the advantages and disadvantages of



love Shanghai know that the chain:


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