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  the development of rapid growth in December 13, 2006 15:29 communications world network number prosperity, telecom users in the telecommunication market of China for all kinds of telecom value-added service to create an opportunity, in which a business mobile phone advertising is rapidly warming in recent years. Recently, China Mobile and China Unicom have China announced the launch of mobile phone advertising business, telecom operators to join us to think how to make this new business at the beginning, to make it standardized and orderly development, to avoid possible market risk and moral risk.

The main form of

1. SMS advertising. SMS advertising is the most popular mobile advertising business, and it is the main way to send content directly to users through sms. For the time being, SMS advertising still plays a dominant role in mobile advertising. Its simple form, mainly through short text dissemination of advertising information, can go straight to advertising targets, low cost. But SMS advertising is also the most primary form of advertising, it is likely to become spam messages, causing customer resentment.

2. MMS advertising. The most important feature of MMS is to support multimedia functions, to transmit text, images, sound, data and other multimedia formats, and the combined effect of various forms of media, so that the advertising effect is better. However, MMS needs the support of mobile terminals, which requires users to open data services, and operators charge higher traffic costs for mobile data services, resulting in higher sending costs and receiving costs of mms. At the same time, the different standards of mobile phone terminals hinder the large-scale dissemination of mms.

3. customized ringing tone advertising. The CRBT advertisement is a form of advertisement that uses the calling party of mobile phone users as the audience, and sets up advertisement information in the calling tone so as to achieve the advertisement effect, and the effect of repeated release advertisements can be achieved. At present, the development of better customized ringing tone is the telecom value-added services, but mainly concentrated in the group customized ringing tone advertising customized ringing tone, the main purpose is to use ordinary users customized ringing tone show personality, how to develop common user customized ringing tone advertising market is discussed, the market may become the rapid development of the mobile phone advertising market in the future.

4. game advertising. Game advertising is the combination of advertising content and game, in which the players interact directly with the advertisement in order to achieve the purpose of advertising dissemination, and its advertising audience mainly focuses on teenagers.

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