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wouldn’t it be a surprise if you just started learning a new foreign language to participate in web content translation, but Duolingo can make it happen?. The website, which combines crowdsourcing translation and foreign language learning, has received $15 million in B rounds from NEA for three months on its official line, and its A round investor Union Square Ventures is also available.


to talk about the development of the long lane. The first gold dragon Lane from the restaurant advertising, ordinary restaurant can not bear advertising spending in television, newspapers and other traditional media high, Qian Yu seize this point, creatively put forward the pay per click advertising system, draw a large number of businesses. In this process, how to line up customers to clarify the value of the local station is a difficult point, offline customers thinking only, advertising should have pictures, to look good, the picture will move. It is difficult for them to understand the meaning and value of online advertising. There is a pot of gold, long lane turned to real estate, building materials, automobile and other large customers, with the continuous development of long lane, in the famous Changzhou increasingly high, naturally there are many customers take the initiative to the door.

so, the operation of the local station should grasp the content, and grasp the advertisement at one hand. In the early stage, you can find some catering, marriage, such businesses open the market, there is a certain scale, in turn to real estate, automobiles such big businesses. At the same time, you can use other forces to find some joint cards, discount cards, and further enhance the viscosity between ordinary citizens and websites. Or you can rely on local stations to set up local B2C and group buying.

gameplay and socializing have also been integrated into DuoLingo. In the process of learning you will have continuous integral stimulation, you can also pay attention to your friends and friends of mutual supervision and learning progress and you are learning the same language, DuoLingo also opened the Q & a community, for learners to ask questions and discuss.


two or three line city is in "Warring States period", hope this article can be helpful to local stationmaster. At the same time, I wish all the webmaster on the Internet 2012 successful career, the article from the chain, the emperor piehui in A5 starting, reproduced reserved copyright information, thank you.

after you have learned a certain amount of words and grammar knowledge, DuoLingo will let you translate sentences in practice. These sentences are taken from the actual content of the web, rather than the ready-made foreign language textbooks. You don’t have to learn the usual conversations coined by ordinary textbook writers.


is the first to talk about money Yu Hualong Lane CEO. During his university years, Qian Yu majored in advertising and media, founded campus community websites and campus DM magazines, which made him experience in website operation and advertising. After graduation, after one year as a teacher, this is the same as Ma Yunting, a teacher who generally has great advantages in communicating and communicating ideas. In its long lane before the last job money Yu is responsible for advertising in Changzhou TV, which makes him on top of Changzhou to local business environment and advertising atmosphere. It is not difficult to see that the success of Qian Yu’s success is inevitable. He has a deep understanding of Changzhou’s business environment and the disadvantages of the traditional media. He is still a very powerful leader.

is the DuoLingo model can be described as "double-edged sword" to let people learn a foreign language for free while also using Crowdsourcing to complete other web content translation, or is the foreign language learning motivation is to let people do webpage translation work for free. DuoLingo helps you open the door to new languages from the aspects of listening, speaking, reading and translating. When you learn a new word DuoLingo with pictures and sounds to help you enhance memory, and use dictation words, words, look the way you detect diversification pronunciation let you consolidate what has been learned in practice.

The sentences to be translated in

long lane are seeking to go out, because the long lane has been going out of the capital, I suggest the webmaster to go out on the not fully make the local site before never try. The most important thing about a local station is to dig out the local resources constantly. How can a slow man move forward quickly?.

The local station of

are not randomly assigned to foreign language learners, but are given sentences with appropriate difficulty for the degree of learning of different users. For example, the sentences given may cover the new words and grammatical structures you’ve just learned. If you haven’t completed the tense study of the present tense, DuoLingo will not be able to assign sentences to you in this tense. DuoLingo also has its own mechanism for ensuring translation accuracy, rather than directly adopting a user’s translation. It can compare the translation of the same sentence to each user. If the similarity is very high, the correct answer can be determined. In addition, users vote on other people’s translations so that DuoLingo can consider the most appropriate translations.

was founded 06 years long lane, do 07 years turnover of over 1 million, 09 years in the 20 local interactive website China most influential, success is obvious to people of long lane. Below I will give you a rough analysis of the causes of the success of the long lane.


DuoLingo promises to be permanently free and does not place ads on the site. And the way to profit is to translate to the demand side. Machine Translation tends to be more dry, and DuoLingo’s manual translation will obviously be more

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