Under the financial crisis, the webmaster most optimistic three money sceneO2O dry dead store, 8 big

webmaster build local characteristics of the site’s core competitiveness, there are three main aspects:

stands for the enterprise: Carradine, bypassing the 4S shop, technicians home to maintain

they are 45-50 years old and 30 years younger. They usually come out of rural or small cities and go to work in Beijing alone. They are recruited by traditional domestic companies. The latter provide accommodation for them. After completing a list, the agency takes 30%. Usually a month.

car technicians with oily faces !


network era: fast, fast product update, quick change in profit model, fast information dissemination, and everything is inseparable from "fast"". As a webmaster, you must be able to keep up with the pace of the Internet age, or you will have to be eliminated.

O2O’s biggest feature: instead of going to the store by door-to-door service, there are no stores and no rent costs, and the income of the vast masses of toiling people has doubled. After a long interview in the O2O field, the dark horse picked 8 hard people to see how O2O changed their fortunes.


in the 09 year after the advertising alliance and SP, as well as what kind of profit model is ready, there is strong profit potential? I want to say is 09 years, owners must not ignore the web game of this product, "the game can be said to be natural webmaster cooperation projects, join the web game platform" >

now earns: 4000 yuan, -5000 yuan,

has exceeded the expectations of most people, and its influence is gradually permeating into every field. The money situation of various industries is dim. As a personal webmaster, in the financial crisis to blaze a new trail, must choose the right way, at least for now, there are three "money king", is worth the webmaster choose

!What is the most prominent keyword in the Before The financial crisis of

these people usually lie under the car, one is a few hours, out of the face no one is white, all gas oil, income is not high. In the country, do this line of 2 million people, not much skill, family background is general, pure cock silk origin. Among them, 70%-75% is hourly workers, income is very low, about 1000 yuan -2000 yuan, go up in the middle of the work, income 2000 yuan -4000 yuan, accounting for 20% of all people. The remaining 5%-10% is a big job, they have maintenance experience, can repair the engine, income is 4000 yuan, -10000 yuan.

now earns: 6500 yuan, -9000 yuan,

Manicure, Manicure division finished a single, 70% of the money by the shopkeeper to less than 30%, eventually got the hand; since O2O to Manicure shop after the death of the Manicure masters finally no longer subject to exploitation". A monthly income of 30000 light, 40000-50000 is not a dream! And car maintenance, Yuesao aunt…


since O2O dry dead 4S shop, the vast majority of technicians finally turn over to be master. He cut off 30% of the rent per unit cost, technicians Commission. Originally 70%-75% technician is 1000-2000 yuan, now average can reach 4000-5000 yuan. In the case of Carradine, they can do 6 single technicians every day, every single to the technician 50% Commission, an average of 30 yuan a month, 25 days is 150, income 4500 yuan.

before income: 1000 yuan -2000 yuan

Qian Jingzhi two: keep up with the pace of the Internet era, innovation is king

is the first core competence is the content and user you, because your website information is with the local economy, entertainment, leisure and life are closely related, so the content of your website easier to grasp the initiative choice, are also more likely to become the one and only, the residents naturally get recognized and loved, formed a lively discussion also, users will be stable. If your site can become a local resident travel, fun book, you can wait for merchants to find the door.


second is the core competitiveness of your promotion advantage, do not need to spend a lot of money and publicity in the media, but limited to the specific region, promotion in this particular region, the promotion cost is far less than the national scope. Posters, organizing campaigns, public relations, local news media, etc. are all very easy to handle, low cut effects, obvious publicity methods.


money scene one: give up big and complete, build local characteristic website

on behalf of the enterprise: Yuesao comments, bypass the line housekeeping, Yuesao door-to-door service.

webmaster Za portals, is clearly the most unwise, because does not have the resources, capital and human resources, most of the content can only rely on the acquisition and copy, equivalent to two traffickers of Internet information. On the contrary, if the webmaster does the local characteristic website, instead, he can play his own advantages and have his own unique information resources, so as to establish his own core competitiveness.

before income: 5000 yuan -7000 yuan

alone came to the big city Yuesao

third core competencies are your investment customers advantage, because your website investment customers are more clear: local enterprises and businesses. Your website is highly recommended by local residents and will naturally be favored by local businesses, because your website and business are more accurate: local residents with spending power. Maybe one of your ads that doesn’t affect the page, and a page guide, brings money to the business,

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