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3, keyword selection. Single page do Taobao passengers, need is directional traffic, that is to bring the transformation of traffic. The best directional traffic comes from search engines, and the kind of keyword that makes people buy impulse easily. For example, lose weight, what people have needs for losing weight? They are all through what keywords to search for their own needs slimming products, these are skills I will write an article about I will choose single page Taobao keywords guest

"in the first book also Zodiac first" China interactive publishing network special offer books

Details: china-pub/STATIC07/0802/zh_gaoxiao_080213.asp

1 for the electronic card, after the event issued to member account, then please pay attention to my

then focus on a single page, Taobao customers pay attention to a few points:

freight free

Choice of goods for

1, website source selection. Since the single page, Html static page is undoubtedly the best, but the selected template must be beautiful and generous. Put yourself in the user’s point of view to consider, in order to improve the conversion rate, after all, conversion rate is an important indicator of the success of Taobao customers.

shlf1314 China’s exit, small and medium webmaster friends seem to have felt some adverse effects. I do Adsense also have a year, flow 80% from search engine, and shlf1314 and occupy more than 75% of the search traffic. One can imagine, shlf1314 exit, has given us these rely on its flow of small meals owners have a great impact, shlf1314 included volume plummeted, traffic plummeted, Adsense revenue is only about 30% of the previous. And Ma timely launched Taobao alliance, has been in the small and medium-sized station blowing a whirlwind.

– time: February 26, 2008 ——–2008 April 10th

!During the

During the

3 after the event, a single order transaction at least 50 yuan, you can use the discount card, the annual limit 5 times.




two free shipping



about campus special rates, more about > > > >

4, Taobao sellers reputation, which is a lot of friends to do Taobao friends ignore the problem, but also did not disclose the secret. >

activity, the order is filled with 180 yuan, and a "2008 5% off discount card" is given.


dear League member:


network express, EMS, etc. to delivery, weight billing channels except


event, the book cost 80 yuan, plus only 1 yuan to get the 17CM China-pub custom teddy bear one. style random

China-pub" – my coupon card

2 during the event, a member ID is limited to one

university users buy 50 yuan, the national free shipping

three limited delivery value, "2008 fold on discount card"!

campus discount price

customers becomes more and more serious reality can not be denied, but the real profit in the webmaster how many webmaster friends? Don’t be this vain illusion is veiled, only to establish a content rich website is a long-term plan to do Taobao customers. Before you start your Taobao, please consider your goal of being a Taobao customer. Do you still want Taobao off is a long-term plan for short-term profits? If long-term, recommended the establishment of a site with CMS, really do it, not to collect. Many webmaster friends are very concerned about the sh419 included quantity, but the amount collected more than what is the significance is keyword weight is low, do not bring traffic, it is vain to conceal its fragile after. If you want short-term profits, you can try a single page promotion, but this disadvantage is that the ranking is easy to do, but not long, in terms of my experience, generally 1 months.

230 thousand kinds of university textbooks, 490 thousand kinds of books 2-8 fold,

network express, EMS, etc. to delivery, weight billing channels except

one, 2200 colleges and universities nationwide purchase books, exclusive VIP preferential & service

four, China-pub customized teddy bear, only 1 yuan new debut,

orders payable 50 yuan, freight only 3.5 yuan / single!


! Taobao

2 and Taobao. Single page to do Taobao customers, product commission must be high, because the current single page Taobao customers bring great flow of webmaster friends rarely, if the Commission is too low, a day more than ten yuan income is not too great significance. At present, Taobao customers in higher commission products are breast enhancement, weight loss products, of course, digital products Commission is also high, but its single too high, it is still difficult to promote.

more than 2200 colleges and universities nationwide teachers and students to enjoy only the whole network of the lowest "campus preferential price"

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