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you’ve always felt that you should be a big deal. You like food. You like to eat in a restaurant, but a good restaurant is always troublesome to find. Yelp, Foodpanda, Foodspotting, shlf1314 and so on. The websites for finding delicious food are endless, but none of them can be seen by you.

recently doing GGAD, but the effect is not very satisfactory, summed up the experience since the beginning of site, and found that doing GGAD, the following estimates will be of great help to you.

A:GGAD displays what text is below the area. What about the content of the area below GGAD is very important. So this area is what we are going to plough the place, we can study this problem under the www.it086.net. of the site is relatively reasonable placed hungry GGAD.

1: let’s first analyze why other people click on the ads on your website,

Abstract: you have worked in a big company with 500 employees for two years and have been promoted two times during the past two years. You are a senior manager and product manager. You have a very important role to play in your company’s success. You are so important that you don’t know what you are doing except you. You are responsible for everything.

• your lover works at shlf1314 with an annual salary of $250 thousand.

B: the time after the visitor clicks on the advertisement. If the visitor hits GGAD immediately after the call is clicked, then, Guo, for a while you will find that your GGAD unit price will be very low. Lower and lower. In fact, this illustrates a problem what? GG will think your website content and advertising, is not appropriate, will you continue to match the other, again, finally your website can only match those super advertising garbage

Indians are born with technology.

, 100 of your friends have downloaded your apps, and 10 of them have been daily


What are the factors that affect

three: how do we get high priced ads on our website,

• actually write the application of your co founder.


the company found another man to fill your place within a week.


after a while, you launched the beta version of your product, sent emails to 300 of your friends and asked them to try it out. My friends love it, and you like it too. So you made the application, and you became your first client.

above is a little experience of mine. We hope to bring you a little help.

myself: www.blzpw, I :422842606

this is an issue that in the online search a lot, but what is the high price keyword ranking. We will not discuss the accuracy and reliability of this project. We will discuss how to raise the unit price after the registration of GGAD.

but entrepreneurship means you have to take a big risk, and you probably won’t make ends meet. "What did you do when you failed?". But you won’t fail. Even if you don’t cut back on spending for a while, you’ll succeed in the end.

you’re so important. You don’t know what you’re doing except you. You’re in charge of everything yourself. You might even ask yourself, "what about this company without me?"

but last week, you quit.


people need something different, and you happen to be a very personal person.

you have a good plan for your life time, and you have a good foundation for programming. From now on, you’re an entrepreneur. So you found the technology co-founder at FounderDating, a full-time employee of Yahoo, but wants to earn a bit of hard cash". He is an indian.

when we visit a website, we usually don’t click ads at all. Even bypassing advertising. Why don’t we order? But sometimes we see some ads and we go to the point. What’s the reason that attracts us to click here,

, you finally have the time and energy to do what you really like. You don’t work for anyone, you are very clever. It’s time to start your own business.

is actually very short answer, because the advertising can meet our needs in some areas. If we choose the laptop in the Internet, suddenly found a "new low-cost notebook" we even know why is advertising, but we will click? Because the advertising on our appetite.


you’ve worked in a big company with 500 employees for two years and have been promoted two times. You are a senior manager and product manager. You have a very important role to play in your company’s success.

only one answer: it is to do their own site, content specific, avoid a website all the contents of all done, this is impossible! It will be your GGAD, it is low-cost advertising. So, to improve the quality of GGAD advertising, the way is to do a good job site content".

two: how can we get good quality ads on our website?


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