Yao Jinbo, Zhang Xiaolong, Tang Yan… No Hunan, no army, why does Hunan start CEO moreKrypton space

, the spirit and feelings of the people of Hunan are flowing in the blood.

if you ask what the qualities of Hunan people are, many people in Hunan will use these 12 words to sum up.

"Ba Ba" is a dialect of Hunan, and has the meaning of "knowing not to do it for it". Hunan was a wasteland in ancient times, known as the "Southern barbarian". It is said that this "pretty" character makes Hunan’s blood particularly hard. Hunan people themselves call themselves "bully", often hung on the oral side is: "we do not believe evil, you are the emperor, Lao Tzu, I am not afraid."." Eat bitter, sow seeds, and stick to the harvest,

"eat bitter, PA was pretty, not afraid of death, endure trouble".


krypton space and joint venture Office Agency People Squared, hereinafter referred to as P2 jointly announced a strategic cooperation, the two sides will be in the shared space, enterprise services and other aspects of the common interaction, at the same time, P2 in the new round of financing, krypton space will also be a strategic stake.

to some extent, some entrepreneurs need the spirit of Hunan: "eat bitter, PA was pretty, not afraid of death, endure trouble".

if you mention Ali entrepreneurs, many people will think of every founder Cheng Wei, very few people know that the kitchen shared platform founder Tang Wanli and Cheng Wei home for dinner in the year of Wang Gang by angel investors, the original Ali B2B business leader two district cadres under the command of the young, B2B business "Ali Tiejun" said. Over the past year, home eating has been completed Jinsha River, capital today, such as the four round of financing.

Chen Zhihua said, recalling the history of the 1911 Revolution, it was summed up in three sentences – "

"my biggest feature is >

with "hezonglianheng" to promote the rapid progress of the joint office, trillion krypton space, such as the P2. At the same time, P2 for entrepreneurs to provide better service concept of cooperation in the continuous upgrading of the layout of the global pace is gradually accelerating.


according to the Hunan Provincial Commission by letter statistics in 2015, the national mobile internet field, nearly 1/3 of Hunan entrepreneurs. Since ancient times, "no Hunan, no army", and now, the entrepreneurial force has also been occupied by the people of Hunan.

for this hand in krypton space, P2 mainly provides two aspects of resources and cooperation docking, 1 open up both physical space. Krypton settled enterprises will also be able to get P2 passport, share P2 space rich resources; 2 P2 will help krypton space docking shlf1314 entrepreneurial services, enjoy GFE global entrepreneurial resources.

the names of these people almost exist, such as 58 city founder Yao Jinbo, WeChat Group CEO Zhang Xiaolong, the unfamiliar street CEO Tang Yan is Hunan person, recent heady live guest in the Archilife application reflect the founder, founder of Tang Wanli home for dinner, iReader palm reading technology founder Cheng Xiangjun, Paul Chen Zhihua, founder of the Internet insurance monkey bread travel founder Peng Tao also Hunan, founder of earlier, Focus Media such as CEO jiangnachun, Yahoo founder Yang Zhiyuan also is the Hunan nationals.

Abstract: 58 city founder Yao Jinbo, WeChat group president Zhang Xiaolong, CEO Tang Yan and other unfamiliar street is Hunan, and the field of mobile Internet, nearly 1/3 of Hunan entrepreneurs. Since ancient times, "no Hunan, no army", and now, the entrepreneurial force has also been occupied by the people of Hunan.

for partners P2, krypton space mainly provides two resources and solutions, 1 space supply. From 1 to 1000, the space can accommodate krypton from start-ups, Small and micro businesses, small and medium-sized enterprises, large and medium-sized enterprises and business branch and internal entrepreneurial team, which provides office space for subsequent innovations in P2 development and growth through the cooperation between the two sides, coming from P2 space to krypton space can even reach "step docking". 2 service output. Based on the ecological system of the 36 krypton krypton space media platform and financial service platform, the key to the output from the "standard" to "fine" office service, whether it is P2, krypton space, or settled in the enterprise space more partners, are able to enjoy the super class shared space and business services.

in the last ten years, Chinese Internet entrepreneurs, a very intriguing phenomenon is that many of the founders are Hunan nationals, entrepreneurial success rate is relatively high.


Cantonese money, Jiangsu and Zhejiang people out of strategy, Hunan people out of life.

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