Dialysis Ali mom data abnormalitiesHow to use soft text to promote Taobao products

finally talk about soft Wen promotion, you know, as a guest of Taobao, you are the guide role in shopping this piece of play, you have to tell your customers, the store or where the goods for you, where is good for you, than all the goods out of where. Not only these goods appear in the customer and then threw the specification. If that’s the case, then the Taobao is too good to do.

Wait until the

A advertising in your account and put in a page, also produced a click, but you found ineffective, you put him back out, put on B advertising, after two weeks, because A advertising has not put on the show, so there is no A advertising display the background data, automatically generates a delete the advertisement by the girl, because the background of advertising, in order to facilitate the management, we put this advertisement to delete,

sentencing you in court: data anomalies, stripped of all defense,

contact Taobao passengers have been a lot of time, in all Adsense nets also dedicated search for Taobao guest of all kinds of methods, now summarize, I think to do Taobao guest should use soft wen.

but with a soft Taobao off is a bit difficult, first, you must have their own original, if you move around the somebody else, then replace your links, so for a long time, your website or blog is not to the people, who do not love to see something similar to you, second. Write, in general, many sites are computer science, partial science, in writing a little less, and this is the time to practice more.

For example, you put 1.

I wrote a story about the big code store promotion soft Wen, we can see, the address is: http://s.blog.sina.cn/s/blog_69188a340100ko1n.html, I this paper analyzes ah, my title is "Taobao big size clothes shop how to choose?", at the beginning of this article, I first to dress code how to choose the shop are introduced, here I put forward three points, "

950*90 ads on the A page, also produced a click. For example 5 dollars, but you find that this position is not the only 5 dollars, so you put the 950*90 advertising to withdraw, change into other advertising alliance advertising, when the No. 15 settlement, you the 950*90 ad code had data on the A page found, Ali’s technology will be to the A page to see the code on the situation, if it is found that the A page does not exist this code immediately, without trial, lawyers, what are not, Ali’s technology is the judge and lawyer,

if you have done A ad position, B ad bit, C ad bit

No. 15 settlement data, before the discovery of A advertising which you have to click on the data needs to be settled, but his mother Ali technology to your background, A advertising actually does not exist, but whether you have data to the settlement, 37 twenty-one, immediately, without trial, lawyers, what are no >

I am optimistic about the

first said that now many people do wrong Taobao customers, it is usually said Taobao guest website, to tell the truth, I also not optimistic about this website, from the perspective of the customer experience, these sites just to collect those shops, then be arranged, what is the difference with this taobao? Although there is what I like the crown shop, but in taobao can still search to search inside. Especially in search of this one, do not like taobao, as for the rebate website, really want a few dollars rebate, my Taobao customers by buying it, it is necessary to your rebate website? Although there are people still do not know Taobao off the industry however, as far as I know, Taobao will have the single passenger leakage, when the occurrence of these problems, you are not in vain lost money?

put Ali on his mother’s ad for a long time, because before the launch of the GG ad,



The two day

soft Wen promotion, these problems will be solved, you can focus on the introduction of a shop, and then to the inside of the benefits that some, here please note that does not allow you to copy all the inside, but let you stand in the customer’s point of view to understand a product, it will speak out the advantages and disadvantages of it can not say, but here it is important to note that if you say shortcomings, then this defect must be harmless, otherwise you are doing negative ads, sometimes harmless failings but it would give people the true feelings.

GG has a very good policy, that is to say, if the main site found their advertisement in a position of "the effect is bad. You can try to release other position of the page, make the appropriate adjustments, so it is used, a GG advertising effect is not good, began to adjust position two or three days to adjust the time, at the same time, he found Ali Mama advertising effect is not good, so adjust the position of every 32 days, in order to achieve the best effect is not adjusted, but haven’t adjust his mother Ali advertising position, so there is little money now to try to adjust the location has been achieved very good results, here, of course we want to eliminate cheating, adjust the position just to let you know the user’s attention is what position of the page, once adjusted to good effect, you know which position is the best effect, money The problem is, Ali received his mother sent a message today, I said the data is abnormal, please check your site there may be reasons, first, I did not go to the reasons for the existence of verification of my website, because I’m not cheating, I check what I have done before, according to the operation, I analysis a few points, Ali and his mother called the abnormal data, the reason is that

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