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innovation, entrepreneurship can not just look at one point,

the wave of mass entrepreneurship and innovation is coming to the north and the south. China’s innovation, entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship in Zhongguancun, Zhongguancun, Haidian, Haidian, innovation, entrepreneurship, Zhongguancun venture street. In this article the length of only 200 meters of street, known as the coffee business 3W coffee, coffee garage and the newly opened coffee shell esse and a large number of coffee gathering here, forming a unique landscape of business incubator. For a time, a strong atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship in the dense rapidly here. However, with the passage of time, perhaps for innovation, entrepreneurship fatigue, perhaps the so-called capital winter misunderstanding, many people began to sound: Zhongguancun’s entrepreneurial coffee cool. At the fourth meeting of the twelfth Committee of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the CPPCC, reporters took such questions and reflections and launched a dialogue with the municipal CPPCC members on the temperature of innovation and entrepreneurship in Zhongguancun……

municipal CPPCC members, chairman of Zhongguancun intelligent hardware DreamWorks, Cheng Jing,

, China B2B website development there are several obvious problems: first, heavy trading, light information. This guiding ideology leads to the fact that a large number of B2B websites are short of information, difficult to gather effective popularity, and fall into a vicious circle of transaction difficulties. Two, it is to collect information and analyze light information. It is difficult to provide a comprehensive and in-depth information service for the customer; three is the way of information dissemination is not standardized, resulting in the transaction risks; four is the excessive attention to online settlement and logistics distribution, the pursuit of " " five is the Almighty; heavy fame, light aging, resulting in cost in the famous period seriously out of control, the profit indefinitely pushed back; six is heavy technology, light management, heavy famous, light management, the operation cost is higher than the u.s.. All this makes today Chinese of B2B fever may seem like a new leap forward, " " this trend is worthy of vigilance.

The current stage of the development of

can achieve the purpose of profit, in addition to constantly improve its problems, improve the trading platform, is more important is to think in reality is not perfect under the conditions of how to better carry out online transactions, to achieve the purpose of profit.

why our B2B site can not be walked a bit bigger, online monopoly B2B? What would happen if a suitable product was sold on a suitable site for monopoly sale? Take the real estate industry as an example for analysis:    


1. for the real estate business:

Zhongguancun’s innovation and entrepreneurship, in fact, is an ecological construction, rather than a certain point. For example, Zhongguancun entrepreneurial street is only the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship ecology. Since it is the front end, then it must have the highest mortality rate, and it also has a certain growth rate.

for investors, good projects do not have winter. The so-called capital winter, in fact, is the return of capital to reason, and this is also the responsibility and obligation of capital to the public order of the industry: to promote them more smoothly and rationally. For capital, good technology should work hard to support it.

municipal CPPCC members, chairman of purple capital founder Qin Jun

I don’t think there’s any cold or heat in Zhongguancun venture coffee. I didn’t take the issue seriously because it wasn’t like that. We should not look at the cold and hot problems of entrepreneurship in Zhongguancun. Entrepreneurship is normal, changes in each phase are normal, entrepreneurship is the market in itself.

good projects never winter,

in the growth rate of a large area, if >

from the point of view of the public environment, the cold and heat of Zhongguancun’s entrepreneurial coffee, if it is cold, has a lot to do with the big environment, not a one-sided understanding. Whether it is innovation or entrepreneurship, it is necessary to calm down, in fact, this is a very rational thing, is not taken for granted or head fever thing.

says Zhongguancun’s start-up coffee is cool and may also be linked to the so-called capital winter. The problem is, in essence, simple: the big economic cycle is reconstructing the functioning of the world economy as a whole. For China, it is in the process of moving from the traditional economy to the emerging economy. The new economy is a new way of organization and operation, which has brought about great changes to the traditional industries.

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