Talking about the way of SNS operation

has been in the forum and the SNS was removed, like a mindless child, once the successful business forum, recently turned made SNS model dating website (, a sudden change, let me have a way of feeling! This sentence where to start? Of course, from SNS experience of speaking.

from the first contact with the school website, began to focus on the SNS mode of operation mode, SNS generally speaking to others is a feeling of home, then how to put the home built will be a headache!

program selection:

at home and abroad now in the SNS open source has a lot to take ThinkSNS, openpne, Community, Server and so on, these products are not suitable for people’s taste, in the above procedures, or to choose close to Chinese tastes, "I take you" she, I chose mature domestic products the famous disuz company, uhome. Its first feeling is a kind of warm feeling,


template selection:

domestic SNS do too many stations, UHOME itself also provides 3 sets of templates, in fact, most are used, these 3 sets of templates, and finally the most stand up, are very similar. The template must design a template, if you do not understand the layout and so on, can be slightly changed the original template color and so on, generally don’t give people too much imitation of this feeling, doing a good home station, not to mention here!

‘s background setting:

The construction of

SNS early is a very time-consuming thing, because there is no popularity, if we let them keep it, one: register several beautiful MM, GG, then the default settings in the background of friends inside, just registered members will feel this website popularity very good, there are a lot of popularity was registered second. To go with a small back just registered in the space, time to leave a message, just get started is so bitter is a lot! Third, application of the game settings, a start because you don’t know the user requirements of the game, you can try to set the default game, let the big house to play so, they can find their own love of the game, the foundation to retain their development is the most important point! "I love you" website will pay attention to this


‘s marketing approach:

because the dating site SNS, you can choose general promotion and QQ group promotion, Forum promotion, promotion of the road is the most important, if you use the QQ group, the basic effect is zero, because people think that the QQ virus in your email, QQ group, only about 10%, the other is the effect of a variety of mass not ideal, so personal advice, private chat form, bypassing the group administrator, private chat, recommended websites, this process can be.

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