Micro-blog, watercress, know almost, shell, are not escape SNS short-lived genes

introduction: I assert that SNS’s short-lived is not long, including Facebook.


Buddhism tells us to live in bad air, which is especially suitable for SNS. SNS’s intrinsic attributes make it very similar to shooting stars, and will often walk through the life process of the bad air quickly. This is a very unique field, and it has three attributes:

l it has low barriers and lots of entry points,

L, it must be the top entrance

L, it has a short-lived gene,

, the combination of these three qualities, eventually led to SNS’s meteoric fate. This article focuses on the uniqueness of SNS.

barrier low + multi pointcut

SNS in order to sail, the most basic demand is to gather people, if you want to gather people, it is based on some kind of common desire of human beings, and human desire is diversity. For example: some people like anonymous Tucao, some people like the sun fair, some people like fishing, and some people like to talk about guns, so many, and so on. As a result, we can say that most of these entry points can support a single SNS, and that’s what I said before. This trait, in fact, provides ample external conditions for the rise of SNS.

at the same time, from a product perspective, SNS is the kind of product that is insensitive to capital and is especially suited to lean thinking. Even when starting Facebook, but also is a person in the tinker. And the development of cloud computing and open source is to make SNS intervention barrier similar to nonexistent, in theory, a person is the SNS.

that can support hundreds of thousands of users completelyThe

and mobile phone, search, shopping platform is completely different, or they require higher capital, technical reserves, or higher or need to understand the supply chain, and SNS only need a good creative, a creative people with psychological expectations.

must be the top entrance,


top entry can be defined as something people want to start directly from the phone screen, and the image is something that people want to put on the first screen of the phone. No matter from which point of view, SNS is a level entrance, shopping is almost the top entrance, search is not necessarily, distribution is likely to be downgraded. (there has been a brief survey of the V voting. Please refer to: http://s.vzhongtou.com/question/579). The fundamental reason why SNS can maintain its top entry position may be that it is more likely to produce an emotion that is often a simple tool. This is in love with that point in time, the main idea is almost the same on each other.

in the Three Kingdoms, Soochow tried every means, but also to "Jing"

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