How to do a small business website administrator

The operation of

website includes two aspects, that is, adding news and publicity, but it is not so easy to do. Many enterprises are in the website website to make snap, however, enterprise managers rarely mentioned, is responsible for site management departments nobody understands the basic knowledge maintenance, main purpose of this site is just in the brand logo printed on a WWW, a customer touches the ground level is the same, the meaning of trust immediately. It’s not bad to have this feeling.

In fact

network does so, network marketing knowledge in popularity, more and more enterprises boss, management personnel to understand, a few years did not change the site, and a high quality of the site but did not know the site is in a waste of human and financial resources. Network is not a one-time investment, site construction is so easy, and a lot of time is in the station after the long-term updates and publicity process.

site management and resource and cost related, as long as the use of the method, most enterprise website management needs of resources and cost will not be very big.

1, website update,

enterprise website is mainly added new product instructions, general website of medium and small businesses are no backstage content management software, web page updates to artists, most enterprises do not have the talent, while learning to do the site is not an easy thing. There is a way, that is, with the web site of the company signed a contract, you can set the page update terms, not because of the contract to give up this problem, etc., to update, and then find him, it is very passive.

there is another way is to train a network of books, to learn a lot of network business procedures, a person learning to use office, you can learn network editing, FTP upload files. Can let the website of the network company training, combined with books to study, not difficult, learners will also master a knowledge, will not refuse. This method works very well.

2, network publicity,

website publicity may be more complicated, the exchange links, login SEO, information released to send maintenance of the mailing list, and these are related industry knowledge, has not only learn some web design method can be solved, but also the very important. Therefore, for enterprise website publicity, these methods: such as key project outsourcing, other publicity work, internal commitment.

what I’m talking about is SEO propaganda, online advertising. Domestic SEO and online advertising business development force agent system, you can find their various places on the major authorized agents. More often, the price of an agent is lower than that of a media site. If the company does not intend in this regard, can register for free on GG, but the general site planning and design personnel in web design is not only considering the optimization problem of GG web page ranking, so in fact it is very difficult to get a good result. >

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