How to build an ideal station from scratch

I am learning computer, in work after also took over some of the site’s project, in the absence of building their own station before, I feel that the site has what good construction, the written requirements can not?


but by chance, when I decided to build a station of my own, I found that the site is not a simple matter, there are many problems to consider.

first, in the site before, to determine the content of the website, the website now, with the spread of the word too, how can let you have the talent shows itself, satisfied with the flow, this is a very important thing, if the location is not good, will affect the flow to a great extent. After all the queries of the various data, I decided to build a business nature of the site, because now the "entrepreneurship" is one of the more popular words, do the site, if the latter keywords do good, can have a relatively good traffic.

content positioning, the following work is to start the site, content, key words, these two is I think in the process of site construction is more important place. First, as a new station, should have some of their own things, so, the search engine is easily included in it, if you are on the website of the other site’s content, then this site is not easy to be included. Second, keyword, this is very important. Search the web site, the user just according to keywords to find, if keywords do bad, or else is no use, or else is too low ranking, traffic can’t improve.


is good, the following will begin to popularize, individual thinks promotion, do not be like advertisement, send post everywhere. To choose a relatively large flow of sites or forums, send some more practical articles, so that included faster.

After the

search engine included, the following will begin to improve traffic. I just now do this step, are groping, we welcome all together to exchange, and provide good suggestions. My website:,

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