Discussion on the business model of LBS community website based on LBS interactive marketing

still optimistic about cutting customers, street side, open, fun Quartet, while looking forward to whispering next revision. From the current active users, websites, PV values and other data, it is estimated that few disparities. In short, at this stage, these LBS community website, placed in front of how to use good products to attract users, if you use a good way to attract businesses. Afternoon and count chat, come back in the evening summed up: interactive marketing based on LBS.

, based on LBS interactive marketing, is essentially based on resource interchange models, businesses and platforms, platforms and users. While providing marketing channels to the merchants, new users, new users and third party service platforms (such as buy sites) have been developed to share preferential information on the LBS community website. These three are the creators of resources.

resource exchange, LBS website provides platform, businesses through this platform to release the preferential information. Concessions to attract users, simply sign the effect is not good, no benefits after signing in, interest on cold down. A variety of preferential information and virtual honor system can slowly train users to sign in the attendance of users to develop habits, habits, will take the initiative to obtain all the activities of the LBS website information, may also share other active LBS website information. In addition, the third party service platform, such as land development and the regional group purchase website community website, businesses offer information they have gathered a large number of high-quality localization, the information about the LBS community website, is of great significance. Users – platforms – businesses naturally form a benign interaction.

specific, usually in the following ways:

1, merchant marketing:

first sends unsolicited marketing information to nearby potential consumers, such as a restaurant that pushes push preferences for users who regularly check in at restaurants, in order to attract users;

second feedback to existing consumers, consumers use the client, often in this business attendance, so as to get certain concessions. Merchants through the web side management, users through the web or mobile client access;

has provided this function by the domestic street, named "street merchant promotion registration", and now supports three kinds of preferential information release:

1, landlord surprise: the landlord is the last 60 days to visit your business and the most frequent customers. "Landlord surprise" is a special surprise / privilege for your most loyal customer.

2, old customer surprise: surprise the top 10 customers who visited your business and had the most frequent attendance in the last 30 days.

3, and other free surprises: a small blackboard on the Internet provides you with whatever content you want to write to offer interesting and innovative surprises to your customers.

to start with hifly, Meizu M9 experience this business platform again. Believe in other excellent L> in China

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