Braised chicken shop on Kyrgyzstan Steamed Rice – how to join a

Chinese is a state of ceremonies, 5000 did not break the ancient civilization, its culture as Chinese, dare not say they are aware of the fur, Chinese marriage auspicious own habits, we have to choose on the auspicious hour, shop business is the same, but also to choose the selected shops on Pu ji. On Ji Pu meaning is, all customer wishes Salan Ji Yun: pledge, everything is not only to Kyrgyzstan, okichi, more to kyrgyzstan. Shang Ji Huang braised chicken rice is also a delicious product to bring you a sense of happiness, so how to shop on the Yellow braised chicken rice


on the Ji Huang Huang braised chicken rice how to join? What are the conditions?

Ji Ji Huang stewed chicken rice join conditions:

1, have confidence in the brand operation, enthusiasm, the courage to open up, the brand chain system and operation mode.

2, abide by the company’s franchise policy, to comply with the contract requirements, integrity management.

3, have enough entrepreneurial spirit, have a certain financial strength.

4, according to the unified renovation of the brand image, unified management by business philosophy.

5, equipped with the ability to operate the computer staff.

6, have certain learning ability, management ability, able to control the operation of the store.

7, with enough confidence, wholeheartedly into the cause of product management.

Ji Ji Huang stewed chicken rice join process:

1, telephone consultation

2, the company headquarters visits

3, regional manager according to local conditions to develop business plan

4, signed a franchise contract

5, headquarters training and learning

6, training and assessment, issued authorization card

7, the headquarters of the marketing staff to assess the store

8, headquarters design decoration program

9, decoration construction

10, equipment stationed in

11, opened

above is the Shang Ji Huang Huang chicken rice joined the flow >

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